Who Else Wants to Know the 5 Weight Loss Secrets of Skinny People?

It seems every man and his dog are experts in the field of weight loss these days! But, does any one really know exactly how to lose weight?

Who do you think the most clued in people would be on the secrets of weight loss? Doctors? Certainly not! Nutritionists? Perhaps!

What about those who consistently, year in, year out, maintain a healthy weight? Can't we learn something from these people? They certainly seem to know a thing or two!

Do you know someone who apparently eats whatever they like, yet still keeps a low weight?

What's the secret of their success? Here are a few suggestions:

# 1 They focus on good nutrition not dieting
If you want to follow this secret you will have to pay attention to food labels, portion sizes, and focus on healthy whole foods, rather than processed junk food.

# 2 They don't go on fad diets
Crash diets can never give you the long-term effects you're after. Losing weight will take time, but that's okay! Taking it slow and steady it much more effective, and will lead to lasting changes in the long run.

# 3 They know how to compensate for overeating
Some days you will overeat, it's natural! But, you need to notice when this happens, and balance overeating out by having smaller amounts at your next few meals.

# 4 They exercise at dedicated times each week
People who maintain a healthy weight know that having dedicated times of exercise each week is essential, and for the most part they actually enjoy it. How can you implement this secret in your life? What activities do you enjoy?

# 5 They don't use food to cope with emotions
If you are to follow this secret you must learn how to deal with the bad things that happen in life, without resorting to food or alcohol as a crutch. Try journalling to help you understand your emotions better.

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