WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | update time – I've gained weight

Weight loss journey update…


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  • Put your candle in the freezer let to freze and itll crumble into pieces

  • I really love that you say it is okay to gain weight, because it is so true, and to hear that from someone who is a big influence to others is extremely amazing!

  • wow your eyelashes.what lashes are they?

  • Need more drive with me videos

  • I yo yo all the time and I can’t really keep track. I can eat loads of rubbish and not gain weight then randomly gain loads then randomly loose it. I’ve never successfully dieted in my life if I try I gain weight instead of loosing😭 can we also have a oh polly haul 🙏🏽

  • I love seeing how well you’ve done since starting YouTube and only a few months ago you’d get a few hundred likes to now over 1.2k likes. Honestly so proud of you and how far you’ve come! I know this is irrelevant to the video just wanted to say that you’re doing so well and you’re only going to achieve more and more 😊xxxx

  • I HAVE THE SAME CANDLES HAHA how strange! Literally just came across your channel hun and love your personality, lovely girl 🙂 xx

  • Your breakfast looks nice And is it nice with choloate milk I never try that before

  • So glad you cook it properly. I see so many people like it lumpy and burnt. Porridge is stodgy 😂👌 I mean each to there own but yeah x

  • Thank You. Your lunch segment really is what i needed to hear as have been feeling so much guilt about having a pretty unhealthy last month. You speak some serious truth hun! x

  • Good on you for acknowledging that you are being too harsh on yourself & now make sure to take time to be kind to yourself! Our weight, just like life, is a series of ups and downs and we can't expect any journey to be linear xx

  • I don’t like gaining weight!! It just demotivates me to eat healthy!!

  • With the candle pour boiled water into the candle jar and leave it a while, the wax should float to the top and you can scoop it out x

  • With my old candles, I break up the wax with a knife and put it into a wax burner you get get them from B&M or Wilko! They last longer too X

  • What the IG just the main one in the discripsion

  • If you get bored at the gym you should try gym classes. They are literally so good. 🏋🏼‍♀️💪x

  • 1:38 I paused the video and made myself a hot chocolate

  • THIS IS AMAZING! Who cares about weight honestly its just a number, each body is different and ur body has its own set-point where it likes to be at. You just keep eating the way u want and don't ever restrict urself of anything. And of course yes exrcise is important but don't ever push urself on it. If u don't want to workout don't do it. Don't punish urself like that. If u can only manage to get like 20 min of walking a day on most days thats okay. Thats fine. U r doing great and keep doing what u r doing now. U r fine and look amazing and beautiful and don't try to change urself because society says u have to. 🙂 keep being u and dont focus on weight stigma.

  • How do you drink your hot chocolate without any milk? 😱

  • Talia please do not worry so much about losing weight! You seriously look perfect the way you are and I can't even see where anymore weight would come off!! As someone with body dysmorphia though I completely understand the way you see yourself is probably completely different to how other people see you, but just wanting to tell you from my perspective you look amazing and healthy!!

  • Thank you for this video! 👏 I too have been on a weight loss journey and have definitely experienced a couple mini freak outs when I step on the scale and see the number go up. I just try to remember that I’m only human and my body isn’t going to stay the same from month to month, week to week, even day to day.

  • You really are amazing 😩

  • What’s the name of your fitness account on insta? Xx

  • What’s your Instagram fitness account name ?? ❤️

  • Love your hoodie/jumper where is it from girl?💕

  • I love you so much ❤️💜💖

  • Do you not snack? 🙂

  • Again, the fact that you’ve put a disclaimer regarding mental health being a priority just shows how considerate you are! You deserve all the success Talia!! ☺️

  • Or do a eating the servings size portions

  • Please do viewers choose what I eat for a day

  • Favourite youtuber

  • do a video wearing your clothes inside out for a week lol

  • Hey Talia, love your videos. Random question but how long do you but how long do you put your porridge in the microwave for? ❤️

  • Luv u x and ur vids xx

  • Always look forward to your videos, always really positive 😊 x

  • How old are you? If you don't mind me asking lol 😜

  • TRIGGER WARNING: if food or anything to do with dieting and along those lines trigger you please DO NOT watch this video. Your mental health is so much more important to me than a view on a video. Be kind and I love you all💞

  • Talia you have nothing to worry about with your health and fitness as you look in perfect condition. It's good to have a few extra ounces on you incase you get ill and can't eat for a while. It gives you a bit of back up, that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. 😁

  • if you put boiling water in the candle jar and then wait for it to cool it will float to the top x

  • girl that title triggered me lmao. i’ve gained 20 pounds but it’s okay my snap back game is about to be strong

  • Wouldn’t be a Talia what I eat in a day without chocolate porridge 💕
    I tried this a few months ago and I’m obsessed! So don’t blame you for having it most days xx

  • I enjoy watching these videos Talia, I have gained weight too but after watching this you have made me feel slightly better about myself, thank you ❤ xx

  • For The candle put hot water in it so the wax rises to the top, and use it as a wax burner. X

  • i always try be healthy but then i just come crashing down and i binge really bad, feel like crap and it’s just an endless cycle of doing the same thing over and over

  • I have seen something online If you can melt the wax in the jar then put boiling water on then let it sit to cool it will go hard then you can pull it out xxx

  • you’re such a beauty – absolutely love your videos🥰

  • Makes me sad you're so hard on yourself. That's the down side of social media, can really be difficult at times but you are doing a fab job!! xx

  • What is your fitness account called? Xx

  • Awesome video Talia ❤️❤️

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