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Sometimes, losing weight is a little more difficult for those of us who are getting a bit older or for those of us who have that last little push to go in terms of losing weight or reducing body fat percentage. I’ve been on a journey to reduce my body fat percentage over the last couple of years, and I’m beginning to stumble upon things that finally work. I especially hope that this will help people who don’t have all of the time in the world to work out constantly. There is a way for busy individuals who are not gym rats to have the health and body that we deserve. It is my hope that what I have learned and what I continue to learn will help you, too!

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  • Just found your channel and I'm really enjoying watching your content. I've done the 5.2 on and off and would like to really stick to it. I'm 57 and plant based vegan and weigh is almost impossible to get off. I refuse to give up! I'd love to see you do a series of "what I eat in a day" videos with guide lines on the timing of the meals for both fast days which I know you have and regular non fast day. It would be really helpful and inspiring.

  • Let me know if you feel like you've hit a plateau and why. I understand how frustrating it can be!

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