Weight Loss Wisdom

There are so many weight loss programs out there these days. There’s so much written about weight loss online, in women’s magazines, health magazines, blogs, the list is endless. And sometimes it seems that half of what you read contradicts the other half.

Miracle pills, exhausting workout routines, monotonous diets; just some of the gimmicks out there designed to do one thing and one thing only. Not to genuinely help you lose weight, but to part you from your cash. These gimmicky pieces of nonsense are more damaging than people realise. Not only can they lead to a gain in weight and damage to health, but they also dissuade, discourage and disappoint people who genuinely need and want to lose weight – why commit to changing your lifestyle and avoid the gym when a quick fix will get you to your ‘perfect’ weight in just three weeks? And when the quick fix invariably fails, that person can be even heavier and are certainly disheartened enough to abandon their fight against fat.

Simple language, common sense and a realistic approach to weight loss is the only approach one can take to really lose weight and keep it off. Your lifestyle, diet and activity levels all need to change to lose weight, but that doesn’t have to be as drastic as some other articles and sources make out. Eating a ‘rabbit food’ diet forever, getting to the gym five times a week, taking costly vitamin supplements and forever denying yourself calorie heavy treats – doesn’t sound particularly appealing, does it. It’s unnecessary and will eventually take such a toll on a person that they’ll lose their resolve and quit.

If you take no exercise at all, miss breakfast, eat chips and chocolate every day and regularly eat late at night, then you already know that this lifestyle can’t continue. But gradual changes over a period of time will ease you in to a healthier routine and you’ll find that you’re enjoying being healthier, and want to develop your newfound wellness even further.

There are so many little changes that can be made initially, little changes that provide big benefits. And none of them require eating any leaves or stepping foot in a gym!

Get a diet plan in place so you’re eating regularly and not eating late at night. Do NOT miss breakfast. Drink plenty of water. These changes alone will noticeably reduce your desire to snack between meals. Elevate your heart rate for just twenty minutes each day, which will be enough to start the fat burning process. You can achieve this by just taking a long walk or working on the garden. Boost your metabolism as much as possible so you’re burning fat while at rest as well as when you’re active. Substitute your treats with their low-fat alternatives. Add some proven fat fighting foodstuffs to your diet, like green tea, ginger and non-fat dairy products.

Not so hard, is it? It’ll surprise you how easily you can incorporate these changes into your life, and how quickly they’ll seem natural to you. This is an excellent basis to build on for weight loss.

An ideal diet and fitness regime will allow you to lose between one and two pounds per week. Though this doesn’t sound particularly dramatic, it is healthy and it will be actual fat stored in the body that’s being lost, not water retention or precious muscle tissue. This is the reason you should always beware diets proclaiming they can make you lost a stone in a week, or some other ridiculous figure, because it won’t be fat that’s lost in those diets.

Of course, there’s more to learn than just the basics mentioned above. For common sense, genuine help, simple explanations and an encouraging coach who’s lost weight and regained it, lost weight and regained it and learned how to finally achieve weight loss wisdom. Packed full of easy to follow guidance, it will benefit anyone of any age, sex or fitness level. On top of all the articles, there’s also a free e-book available “45 Ways to Burn Calories” and subscription available to regular newsletters providing even more information on how to lose weight.

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