WEIGHT LOSS TIPS: Fermented foods and why you should eat them (diet, fitness, weightloss, health)

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  • I love kimchi ♡

  • KEFIR is the bestestes!!!

  • I just ran across your channel and am interested in losing the belly fat at my age…52!! It's tough to shed the weight and build muscle. Anyway, I'm trying to get rid of this belly fat, and have read that keeping a salt free diet can help with water retention…what are your thoughts? I love sauerkraut, but it's very salty. Thank you!!

  • Why the music ? Doesn't make info any clearer.. Doesn't make you sound any better. Makes you harder to hear & distracting, along with annoying. Sorry, but what's up with the annoying music these days? Kind of like singers who need fire works & skimpy clothes cuz their music isn't good enough. Will look at reviews to see if any good information, just out of curiosity.

  • I love kimchi too! I also consider Korean soybean and hot pepper paste fermented additives to my cooking.

  • hi tracy!, where can I find fermented kambucha tea? I am searching online and am not sure I am finding kinds that are actually fermented. Thanks!

  • I have to get back to having some raw apple cider vinegar every day – it is kind of a very strong taste but you get used to it eventually and then even begin to kind of crave it!

  • I just came across your channel not too long ago, and I just want to say how much I enjoy the videos you make! Thanks so much for all you do (:

  • as i know indsutrial kambucha is almost useless. they interrupt the fermentation very early and then just add a bunch of syrup.. and at the end, it doesnt have much positive effect. its possible to make it at home, but im too insecure, that im working not hygienic enough and then the result will be poison 😀

  • Hi! I eat fermented food every day. Kombucha and kimchi are my favorites. Donna Gates has how to videos if anyone is interested in making their own fermented veggies.

  • greek yogurt! i've heard of fermented water? been meaning to look into that and perhaps making my own fermented food..just have to watch out now during pregnancy..thanks for sharing <3

  • we have lots of fermented foods.. idli, dosa, cottage cheese, home made curd or yogurt, these are south indian dishes and very filling…Do check it out..!

  • My fav fermented food is idli… It's a South Indian dish that is steamed and is made out of lentil n rice batter fermented… Do check it .. 🙂

  • Thank you for the info.

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