Still in LA with Bruce. I’ve had a lot of questions about how I lost weight so I touch on that a bit. Steph and I talk about trying not to let bumps in the road discourage you from personal success.
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  • What kind of earphones do you use for workouts?

  • Anyone able to tell me what headphones she uses?

  • I could never get bored watching your vlogs (vlogtember, favorite ✨). I love your personality and ur relationship with ur cat 🌞❤️

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  • Editing is amazing WTF

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  • Hey Claire .. but where are vlogtembers 2018?? 😭❤️

  • I love your vlogs.

  • More vlogs please! (:

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  • The last minutes of this vlog are what I needed to hear today so I’m beyond grateful to have come across your channel today . I’ve been watching your videos all day long and you helped me out a lot

  • You're really a gorgeous person, inside and outside. It's stunning how you describe your daily life with few images and your voice sounds so smooth. And I never knew how to draw my style until you came with your wonderful studio and I felt it: this is where I would love to live!!! Hoping you're doing well!

  • Can you do a more updated workout/health routine 🙂

  • You look amazing Claire, love from Mexico <3

  • I really like the footage and the editing style ! Aaand your apartment! Haha . Is it ok to ask what you do for a living ?

  • the opening is os relaxing and healing

  • The Asmr in this video is tops

  • I actually love your tyle of vlogging!

  • Hi from New York! So, firstly I just want to say what an incredible human being you are. I'm very new to your channel — I just happened across one of your videos while I was on my lunch break and am so glad I did. Not going to lie, I've been hooked on your videos since. Your resilience and ability to transform the emotionally difficult situations in your life into positive energy for all those who watch your videos make me (and I'm sure I speak for everyone else) feel a little bit more certain about life. Sure, life is fickle and sometimes ruthless, but your genuine loving support that you offer all your subscribers and ability to bounce back from the bad is downright inspiring. You go girl. SO, that being said, the real reason I'm reaching out is to ask you what exactly your career title is? Are you a freelance digital nomad? I ask because, at 24, I feel so incredibly lost after losing a job, deciding a certain career path is not for me, having to return back to the US from where I was living in Europe, and now looking for my ideal niche role. I'm a writer/artist/creative, and am seeking an outlet through which I'd be able to use my skillset and apply it to a career (like you've seemingly succeeded in doing!) Any advice for us somewhat recent college grads who are feeling lost in the void of career possibilities? Thanks so much in advance and thanks for being you. 🙂

  • Did you noticed that they copied glossier’s packaging? Hahahaha

  • You're so great 🙂
    I like you show sides of yourself that aren't always cheerful/bubbly but thoughtful honest and mature

  • Lost 10-12 lbs?! You looked great before! I can't imagine anyone thinking you needed to lose any weight. At all. Usually I enjoy your vlogs and postings. Sadly, this one just made me feel worse about myself. I'm sure that's not the intention. Fitness and dietary changes come more easily to some than to others. It seems like the more time goes by (and the years go by), one starts to notice these things and the not-so-kind changes time and habit have on one's life and body. I'm not sure how useful this video will be for those that were asking for lifestyle advice. I do want to point out that genetics plays a large part in what you get at the end of the day. The skinny people in the world almost always have slender parents and so on.

  • omg I would love to go get dduckbokkee with you from jopokdduckbokkee!!!! love all your videos!!

  • You’re so mature , your content too and your videos are exactly what I’ve been looking for . Notification squad right here 💕 keep it up

  • Most real part of the video 14:29 hehehe that face – is awesome.

  • 😂😂😂😂 when you called Bruce an idiot lol too cute

  • Id love to be your cat

  • Oh my god Sony cameras DO lean a little green! I've got two older Sony mirrorless cameras and that's my biggest complaint about the picture. I always have to correct with a touch of magenta. So glad it's not just me – I thought I was going crazy. Wonder if there's a color profile I can install that will correct that.

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