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Five Star Review by Rhonda B.

“I have been using Revival Soy for over 4 months now. I have had a huge increase in energy, and my weight is working its way down. Thank you for making a product that is so easy to use and works so well!” Individual results vary. Protein is a source of caloric energy.

Revival Soy is a patented blend and no ordinary soy shake or bar!

Soy weight loss.
A significant number of research studies support claims that soy protein consumption can help you lose weight. Soy is an excellent source of high-quality protein (compared to some other sources) that can help you build lean muscle mass. Plus, soy protein provides a good source of energy from calories and branched-chain amino acids. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, soy protein makes an excellent “partner” in a successful diet plan. Learn More…
Protein-packed Revival for Energy & Exercise*

Soy gives more Energy. Whether you need more energy to keep up with a busy schedule, get through your daily workout or simply enjoy life, soy may support better energy levels by providing protein as a caloric source. Learn More…
Younger-Looking Skin, Hair and Nails Appearance Support*

Support for Menopause, Perimenopause and Postmenopause Discomfort*

Menopause relief with soy.
FACT: Revival Soy can reduce menopausal hot flashes and night sweats. Results from a peer-reviewed, published study at The Johns Hopkins Hospital show that Revival Soy can reduce hot flashes and night sweats naturally. Women experienced significant reductions in hot flashes and nights sweats, compared to their starting baseline levels, with daily Revival Soy use (just one serving per day). Typical reduction was nearly 40% in just 12 weeks in a study funded in part by Physicians Laboratories. It’s that simple and delicious!1 Learn More
Can Soy Really Help You Lose Weight?

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  • 20/20 Episode revealing my work on "Inflammation and Heart Disease."
    As I role out the Patent for Cancer and Heart Disease, I will be scheduling talks.

  • Been taking this for over two weeks now and have definitely noticed a difference in my appetite. Although not too much noticeable in my weight yet I do feel less hungry and my clothes seem to fit better. Will continue to use this WeightLossGreenStoretea product for now.

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