Say No to Alcohol and Soda for Effective Weight Loss

Are weight-loss and fitness on your mind? If yes, then think twice before you have that beer-party with your gang or quench thirst with a soda can from the office dispenser. It has been proven scientifically that soda and alcohol slow down if not completely counter all the benefits you derive from your daily workout regimen.

Calorie Count

Every 12 oz of a regular serving of soda has 150 calories. That’s a lot of calories to burn in addition to those piled on by your daily diet, isn’t it? Even an occasional drinking night could ruin the effect of your daily workout with the exceptionally high calorie content of alcohol. It has 7 calories per gram; that’s only second to fat, which contains 9 calories/gram. Thinking of having just a pint on the night-out with your buddies? Might as well stop the thought right there, since that one pint could cost you 182 calories!

Inhibition of metabolism

So you’re exercising regularly, following that up with a super-strict calorie conscious diet, but somehow you aren’t getting what you worked for- that chiseled body or those toned abs. Perhaps you’re a social butterfly who knows his/her white wines from the red ones, or you’re one of those who likes a sip or two after every meal.

Whatever be the case and however innocent the habit, every alcoholic drink is equivalent to eating actual fats. Every 32 ounce of sweetened soda could provide you with sugar content, more than required for an entire day! Think twice then if you’re on a weight-losing spree.

Every time that you consume high-calorie content food other than soda, your body tends to not be hungry at least for the next hour or two. But with soda, the exact opposite takes place. When you consume any sweetened carbonated beverage, you end up taking in a lot of calories, but very obviously it is less satiating than any other high-sugar food. This leads to a craving for even more calories after drinking. One after another you pile on unnecessary calories with a seemingly harmless drink and subsequently make it harder for your body to process all of it.

In the case of alcoholic beverages, again brimming with calories, your body tends to give it top priority when it enters the system. It leaves the processing of all the other fat dormant in your body and burns the calories contained in the alcohol instead. So eventually, the entire workout is spent burning off the calories from that pint of beer last night, and nothing of it goes into actually processing the excessive fat that’s already present.

Not a rosy picture, is it?

What do you lose by continuing?

Besides your weight-loss plans going for a toss, with an increased intake of sweetened soda, you’re at a high risk of developing type-2 Diabetes. Bone-density disorders like Osteoporosis have been recently linked to excessive intake of carbonated drinks. Alcohol, besides being the reason for a number of rash road fatalities, is also one of the top contributors to the risk of pulmonary disorders.

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