Plant Based Diet WEIGHT LOSS Before And After – INSANE Changes!

Plant based diet weight loss before and after results from our experience. We have been choosing vegan diet options for the last 3 months. See how this has transformed us in terms of mood, energy levels, sleep, weight control and more. We were initially worried like everyone else about the implications and whether we would be risking vitamin deficiencies and low protein issues. We quickly realised this was one of many myths out there.

We had tried every previous diet under the sun including the paleo diet, intermittent fasting, calorie counting, calorie switching, the Mediterranean diet, juicing, atkins, keto or ketogenic diet, etc. In this video we discuss our results and before and after when it came to plant based dieting.

In our journey for a healthier lifestyle we came across several surprising occurrences. We were shocked at the ingredients on the back of over 80% of food labels in the supermarket. Everything seemed to contain dairy or skimmed milk powder, sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup (usually disguised in various ways), high sodium salt content and other colourings. We were finding it hard to understand why this was necessary. We began to realise that a lot of these substances are highly addictive and mass media will have you believe they are necessary for good health despite new research shown much the opposite. Thus why in the video we talk about educating yourself and increasing awareness, there is now plenty of information online including on youtube. A balanced view is always key as is looking at raw facts and data.

Preparing meals in a whole plant based diet is not as difficult as you think. We tend to meal prep two to three times per week and use as much raw vegetables and ingredients as possible. Our palates have changed to the point that there are precious few restaurants we can now eat from when dining out! Again this is normal as your body becomes more accustomed to actual nutritious food rather than empty addictive calories. We also noticed a complete lifting of the so called brain fog although all of these changes took weeks rather than days.

Even in the world of bodybuilding there is so much misinformation. You can absolutely continue training with a plant based diet as you are able to keep up with macros but in possibly an even better delivered way to the body. A plant based diet really has changed our lives and we discuss the results in this video. Another surprising change was weight loss despite eating much more in terms of carbs. It was interesting that the fat reduction was in areas which were otherwise very stubborn previously despite trying numerous diets. Vegan weight loss and health benefits are real and shockingly under-represented in the media for obvious financial reasons.


Netflix documentaties: Cowspiracy, What The Health, Forks Over Knives
Amazon Prime: The Sugar Film, GMO OMG

Sajad & Aruna


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  • Great video and I am becoming a big believer in doing all those things you mention. Its pretty clear that we have a huge national health problem here in the USA and elsewhere that has adopted the industrialized food supply and people really need to educate themselves and do their own research that most everything in the grocery stores are really bad for you.

  • I have been on Plant-Based Vegetarian since March 2018 due to an urgent need to reduce my weight 94Kilo to 78Kilo within 5 months. Now I feel and do like a brand new person.
    This seems to be the latest trend. The large M&S stores have Plant-Based vegetarian Section. Pret a Manger setting up more Veggie Pret. Jamie Oliver closed 23 out of 25 stores. Tesco and Sainsbury have small packs of Mix Nuts near their cash counters. I recommend the book called" How not to die" by Dr Michael Greger. You are an inspiration for all the professionals out there to wake up and take charge of their health and enjoy the journey of life. I look forward to joining your course soon at the end of June.

  • add some organic meat in about once a month. strict veganism and vegetaranism is ingratitude and disrespect to the Creator.

  • Congrats to both of you on the diet/lifestyle change! It's quite amazing to realize the impact that foods have on the mind/body.
    Another oil you might want to look into for cooking is coconut oil (lots of health benefits)

  • What a gr8 video… you r both genuinely down to earth and a pleasure listening to….. looking forward 2 more of these videos

  • Just get rid of all processed food and you'll be fine

  • Plant based diet is really good in the beginning but after 5 years it's not sustainable in the long run

  • Search The Starch Solution – John McDougall or The EXTREMES of Human Nutrition – JOHN MCDOUGALL here on youtube. High Carb Low Fat is the way to go it seems if you don't want to get CVD or cancer. Medical doctors usually won't tell you anything right about healthy nutrition because they just do not learn this in university but in this case one has recognized the benefits of not following the common nutrition. 😉

  • Hi Sajad, Aruna 🙂 nice one ! I was plant based/vegan for 5 and a half years, a wonderful died, great for cleansing and taking on healthier eating habits. The first years are the honeymoon phase 🙂 you see all the benefits and there are a bunch, but if you take away all animal products you need to supplement for b12 and be mindful of your omega 3 to omega 6 ratios if you don’t supplement dha or epa, I started having memory issues after 5 years and I switched back when pregnant because of all the social pressure, medical pressure and so on… didn’t want to risk my baby’s health suffering. There are many vegans now opening up about serious health problems they ended up having after long periods of full on veganism, so although everyone agrees on processed foods being total crap, I’d sometimes have good quality animal foods, to avoid problems.. I also swore by all those documentaries but it turns out some things are exagerated or downright false.. :/ a bit biased… but I do love a plant based diet 🙂 mostly plants would to me be more appropriate 🙂 but enjoy the honeymoon ! Cheers !

  • been plant based for over a year! best decision.

  • A very genuine and informative video 👍 We need a JS equivalent for quickly comparing foods 😁

  • Thank you for this video Sajad! More of this please

  • I don't know who is that cute woman, but if it's your wife, so I must say – that was a great choice! 🙂

  • Sounds like wife is doctor by profession rather the other way around.

  • Best thing I ever did for my health was a 60 day juice feast (green veg and slight fruit to sweeten) with before and after full blood tests looked like they belonged to 2 different people! the result was taken off BP medication and shed 42lbs too. No brain fog, great energy, level emotions and a feeling of great health too. Keep it up you two 😉 nice share

  • I wish your wife can talk to my wife because she feels like how your wife use to feel about working out.

  • Good stuff I’m really thinking about eating vegan but my wife isn’t that interested. So the struggle is real. I’m currently experiencing brain fog, bloating, addiction to sugar and dairy, high blood pressure as well. Keep posting I’m going to send this to my wife in hopes that she will change.

  • Good day everyone! Thought I would share some lifestyle tips from myself & Aruna; trying to optimise our health has been a big challenge over the last few years, plenty of confusion and trial/error. I hope this helps some of you who like me suffered with energy dips during the day, brain fog, and also poor focus and concentration. Let us know what you think! If you have any questions for me or Aruna please comment below and we will answer to the best of our knowledge 😃👍

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