Planning Ahead for Weight Loss Success

Planning Ahead For Weight Loss Success

Most weight loss and nutrition plans don’t talk about planning ahead, but one of the reasons why the Code Red Lifestyle is so successful is because we require our clients to have a plan in place. This is a non-negotiable – make a plan and stick to it!

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do – whether you’re losing weight, starting a business, or going to school – success is achieved by doing the work every single day.

Here are my top tips to help set you up for success so that you don’t find yourself flying by the seat of your pants that leads you to the cycle of falling off the wagon. Take a look!

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  • I think of planning ahead as a gift to myself. With working full time and 4 kids to feed at dinner time, I'm most successful when I plan and post our dinner menu for the week and prep my lunch the night before with just leftovers from dinner and lots of fresh veggies. I'm down 25 pounds following Code Red!

  • We have a freezer stocked with grass fed beef, and I also buy lots of chicken, fish etc. at sale prices and add that to the freezer. Once a week I go buy fresh veggies and berries. I make a plan to rotate the beef with the chicken or the fish And the veggies whether cooked or fresh. I always make double the portions so that I have enough for two of the same meal for two days.
    Started pre-logging my food each day.

    Keeping it simple!

  • I crock then freeze in two-portion containers so that I have a mean and then a leftover meal available. I also have eggs, bacon, meat patties in the freezer as well! Works well for meals.

  • I plan and log my meals the night before each day. I cook and prep my meal containers with the food and I pack it all up in a lunch box to take to work.

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