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  • I use to take Phentermine. Lost 40 lbs in 2 months that's with yoga pilates no sugars It's does give you dry mouth. I was at my comfortable weight n stopped. Got depressed gained back weight unfortunately the Dr pass and now I'm bigger due to having a baby as well. I needs Dr like her

  • Hello doctor,

    I am 29 years old and had a child three years ago. After my child it was hard to lose weight. I tried exercising and eating right, however, my weight was stable. I have an RX of phentermine. I am on my third day of phentermine (37.5mg). My first day I felt great, increased energy and appetite supression). However, the past few days I have not had increased energy, which is beneficial for motivation for exercising. I am unsure of why i am not obtaining energy. I am drinking a lot of water and not drinking caffeine. Do you have any ideas of why this is happening?

    Thank you 🙂

  • But is it safe? I’m scared to use it. I have a script also.

  • Hai which doctor should I ask for perscription?

  • I on phentermine this is my second month starting weight is 207 I'm now 190 my goal weight is 160 don't understand why some people are lose 30 pounds in one month I only lose 12 in one month I'm still in my second month and a few pounds I'm on 15mg

  • Can you take Phentermine in the morning and take a melatonin before you go to bed?

  • Cn someone answers this question.
    Phentermine cn be gluten free?

  • How can I get my doctor or a doctor to prescribe me phentermine?

  • It's funny to me all people in comments are only trying to lose like 20-40 pounds they weigh like 200 that ain't shit that ain't fat fat is being 300+400+ that's fat being in pain everyday smh u don't need pills y'all already thin to average body type

  • When I took this I always had a bad taste in my mouth , is that normal ?

  • Does anybody feel something is stuck in your throat after taking phentermine? I am taking 37.5. Is it normal?

  • I have been taking Phentermine for 2 months and have only lost 2 pounds. How do I find out what I am doing wrong?

  • Hi wanted to ask you something , while taking phentermine do you suppose to feel like you hungry. I know it’s an appetite suppressant it’s supposed to suppress ur appetite. But it had in my first round . This is my second month on it. When I take it on a empty stomach with a bottle of water 💦 after a lil min I start to feel a lil hungry , can u tell my why

  • Do the medicine still work if you don't get the feeling of having energy. Because I don't feel the adrenaline.

  • Does it have any side affects in the long run? Future wise? If I'm off of it and in 10 years something goes wrong would I be able to say shoot its because I took phentermine and it screwed up with my health? Hoping it's a no! 😀

  • i take lamictal for bipolar it good as an appetite supresen5 but it only works at the biging !!

  • Can you prescribe phentermine to me? I stay in milwaukee Wisconsin. I don't know a doctor in Wisconsin that will prescribe it?

  • I think I just realized why my knees hurt sometimes. I have 20 pounds to lose and I didn’t think that made a big difference. Great video 🙂

  • Don’t be sorry the more information the better.

    Your clear and concise and I like that. Thanks

  • Adipex was working really well for me until i got dry mouth to the point of mouth sores. I stopped taking that for a week. Now I am on day 2 of topiramate 25mg. How long until I notice it start to work?

  • Started taking Phentermine last week. Type 2 Diabetes with NASH. 5'7 200lbs. Powerlifter.. well former .. lol. But I have lost 10 lbs in a week. Goal is to get to 160. I'm bulky because of the lifting but concentrating now on cardio and cardio lifting (high sets, high reps). I've noticed the drug wears off after 12hrs, and I become famished. Is that normal?

  • It stops me from sleeping. i take a 30mg tablet at 7am and i am still awake at 3am the next day

  • So ANYONE who has heart issues such as long QT syndrome, sudden death or the NET should not be on such a drug…..hmmmm, just get on the thread mill and sweat it out, burn it off and move along. That is how you lose weight. That drug would be a very dangerous drug for MILLIONS of people. My family could never ever take it, this video should be pulled.

  • Omg, that 5 lbs of fat example is shocking!!! It's no wonder, I'm having problems.

  • Dr. Is it safe to take this medication if you have renal tubular acidosis. I’ve been on 37.5mg for five days. I sometimes feel mild weakness in my arms and legs. I’ve also had headaches all five days,periods of farsightedness if I’m on a computer or looking at my phone screen for a long time and slightly elevated blood pressure highest one being 132/94 my highest hr was 114. I’ve started taking Klor-con 20meq at least twice daily.

  • What About Diet Soda's? Diet Coke, Coke Zero? Is that ok? No soda is impossible for me. Hope to hear from you. Thanks for your time.

  • Since this video is old not sure if I will get a reply. I feel very full when taking the pills I can hardly make it to 900 calories. And I work out for 40min a day is this bad?

  • Dr. Hallinan..I have read and listened to your programs which I found to be excellent. your presentation is so well received by so many of us. the comments listed speaks to the issues all of us face on one level or another. THANK YOU..We need more people like you who truly care and do make a difference.

  • I live in the San Francisco area and have been on phentermine 37.5 mg via physicians RX. I started 4 yrs ago weighing 149 lbs and am now 130 lbs at 5 ft ..with diet and exercising was doing well. my ideal weight is 120 and was working towards that Dr. decided to drop my phentermine down to 15mg and added topiramate 25mg without any discussion..neither one has worked for me especially the latter one made me ill. I am gaining my weight back inspite of my diet and workouts. Another fat burner clinic located in Fresno, CA was recommended..went there today and it was a total waste of time. office no bigger than a closet and receptionist did the evaluation. no Dr. appeared. Stay away is my suggestion

  • Do you know of any doctors in the Columbus, OH area? My internal medicine physician does not want me to do this yet I continue to gain 2 pounds a month and I weight 166 at 5 foot and 4 years ago I was 123 and have always been slim.

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