People Share Weight Loss Tricks That Actually Work (r/AskReddit)

“[Serious] Which weight loss tricks actually worked for you?”
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  • I can’t drink soda all the time and sometimes I can’t handle it and it feels like I took a shot of straight up vodka, it’s bc of the frizz from a soda so that’s why I order sweet tea or water when I’m at a restaurant 😞

  • Oh man, I've listened to some weight loss hypnosis videos and, even without sitting and being hypnotized, just hearing the positive affirmations is helpful. "You are in control," "You can resist cravings," "You like dieting and exercise,". It keeps me in the mind set that I am not a slave to food and I don't instantly grab a snack whenever I have some down time during my day.

  • 5:32 – The “calories in, calories out” diet has been getting steadily debunked.

    Fact of the matter is, that approach totally ignores the complexity of the body, one huge factor being hormones. Essentially, there’s fattening food, and “non-fattening food.” Not every calorie is made equal, our hormones regulate if calories will store food as fat or won’t. I recommend reading “Good Calories, Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes.

    CICO works short term, but ultimately being healthy is about food quality anyway to get nutrients and be satiated. Opting to have a big bag of chips to get your 2000 calories is not gonna help you be healthy.

  • Eat less. Move around more. It’s not rocket science.

  • I hate water too, the Kirkland flavored waters at Costco are my salvation. At $5 a 24 20 ounce bottle case, (after recycling, u get back $5, cost in Costco=$10) they're a great bargain. All natural coloring too, helpful because I'm allergic to red dye.

    I miss diet Sunkist, the greatest drink ever, but when it touches my lips, my lips go numb and the skin there starts dying and peeling off.

    Hey Sunkist, how about a clear version of that! I'd buy that by the case, stockpile it for when you inevitably cancel it.

  • Low-cal alcoholic drinks are not the solution, it's a chemical thing that if you're drinking, your body won't burn fat.

  • Do you have to break a sweat walking? Or could you just go for a relaxed walk?

  • The every other day diet. One day you eat nothing but fruits and vegetables. The next day you eat normally without going overboard with portions. It is easy to forgo the food you want to eat if you can eat it the next day. You get a lot of vitamins that your body needs to loose weight on your fruit and veggie day, and the carbs and fats you need on the other day. The fiber from one day helps you eliminate the fats and stuff from the day before. Once you hit your goal, you can cut down to just a couple of times a week for your fruit and veggies to maintain. Another side benefit is that once you get used to eating more fruit, you will find yourself choosing an apple instead of cookies for a snack even on your regular days.

  • I don't know about this fasting thing I used to fast every Sunday no food no water for 24 hours. In two years haven't lost at all..I even fasted 3 days drinking only water..nada..🤣🤣 only thing that ever worked for me was intense workouts 3 hours in the gym with 1 hour running and lots of weightlifting and abs. And the counting calories works indeed. If you want to go to trough all the scale weighting food and search for calories results.

  • Intermittent Fasting.
    It's not easy but this is probably the fastest way to lose weight if you have got the willpower to do it…

  • me, an underweight 15 year old watching this just cause

  • I've never seen my best friend (of 8 years) drink a glass of water. I asked her why one time and she told me that water was gross. Girl, wth. How are you alive right now?

  • Used to dance (Ballet from the time I was 6 till I was 17) and whenever I overindulged during vacations i could melt it off within a month or two simply by:

    -Drinking at least 2L of water a day (sipping regularly throughout the day and having a bottle at meal times)
    – moving around (even if you don't exercise, it's good to make the decision to stand rather than sit, walk instead of drive etc)
    -planning my meals at least a day in advance (this really prevents the bad last-minute decisions we make when feeling really hungry during the day and gives a sense of control)
    – snacking doesn't always have to be a bad thing if the snacks are healthy and it may even ward of a binge. Stick to fruits, vegetables, nuts a seeds.
    – eat your planned amount of food and wait 30 minutes before deciding you want more. Often, we don't give the food a chance to settle and we don't realize that we're actually full before getting seconds. If, after 30 minutes had passed, I still felt hungry, I'd grab a fruit or healthy snack instead of going back to the same meal.
    – if you choose to count your calories (I usually didn't since my mom thought it was unhealthy to do as a child and teen, which may be correct) make sure to calculate your TDEE online. It'll give you a guideline as to how much you have to eat in a day to maintain your weight, which will help you plan how much to eat if you want to lose weight. Even eating just 300 calories below your TDEE will aid in weight loss.
    – patience. If youre doing all you can, then results will come. Don't give yourself anxiety wondering why it isn't happening the way you expected it to.


  • While I'm not overweight, I've reached an age where I actually have to work to not gain any (fortunately I'm pretty active, so that's not really been hard). Everyone says 'drink nothing but water', but the thing is, I hate plain water. I gave up soda two years ago, but if my only options are plain water or nothing, I just don't drink anything. It tastes like nothing but the inside of my mouth. Unless I'm dying of thirst, that is just not appealing at all, which is how I wind up dehydrated.

    Also, from watching what friends of mine have gone through, I would say to be wary of counting calories. It can all too easily lead to an obsession, and then an eating disorder. Cut out the crap you shouldn't be eating, stay active, and stop looking at those numbers. You'll be happier and healthier if you focus on nutrients and activity.

  • I trained myself to procrastinate eating junk

    Procrastinating= me never doing it
    Its caller a pro gamer move

  • super pro tip: water
    super hyper mega pro tip: SpIcE AlL yoU eAt to DrInk mOrE aND moReEeEEeEE

  • A few seconds in and it screams Pro-Ana to me I’m getting war flashbacks

  • You can add a tiny bit of juice to your water, if you can't get used to just water.

  • When you eat use smaller plates (the bigger the plate the more you serve yourself and as for me I don’t like wasting food or saving it for later), replace all drinks with water, stop eating junk food and don’t eat past 6. These are a few of the things I did and I went from 180 to 126 in a year (:

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