Hello everyone, my name is Channon Rose and I am 5’3 and 100 lbs. Some people may think that I am too skinny, anorexic, bulimic or have some type of eating disorder. I am here to tell you that is not true at all, in fact I have never felt better in my life at this weight. Once I started applying these weight loss tips and tricks I share with you in this video I haven’t turned back. I am not selling any product nor am i a fitness coach, nutrionist or anything like that. I am actually an actress/model and I just want to help the people that used to be like me. And this video is for people that are curious what I do personally to stay fit and lean. In this youtube video I show you my best weight loss trips and tricks.

It all started out when I was younger I was overweight, had body image issues (because I was overweight and ashamed by it) and I was eating whatever I wanted basically. I was uneducated about food and diet. I was unhappy, tired all time had no energy and felt horrible. On top of that I was pretty depressed. I want to help those girls that were in my same shoes and even the skinny girls that just want to have more energy and feel healthy not just look healthy on the outside. You can work out as much as you want but your diet is a huge part of what you actally look like. And if you are young and have a fast metabolisom and can eat taco bell and mc donalds and not gain any weight, I am here to tell you that changes when you get older. If you start by getting healthy now and get to your goal weight by changing your lifestyle it will be a much easier transition and you won’t have to worry about it when you do get older and your metabolism slows down.

I have done my research as far as changing my diet and I have looked up to people like freeleethebananagirl, durianrider,fullyrawkristina,rawsome, fruitybelow40,jenna marbles, sheridyn fisher, Loni Jane, and so many others and guess what they all have one thing in common…They are all vegan, and not junk food vegans but whole food plant based vegans, fullyraw vegan, 80/10/10 or rawtill4. Now I am not telling you to go vegan ( unless you want to of course) and the tips I give are mostly for those on a Standard American Diet (SAD). But I just wanted to share what I have learned with you to see if you can apply some of these weight loss tips and tricks into your life.

I personally have gone vegan recently and I will be making a whole video on that in the future but this is a good start for those of you interested. If you have any questions, comments or concerms please feel free to leave them in the comment section below and if you have any advice for me on your best weight loss tips and tricks PLEASE leave them below I know I will really appreciate them and other’s will as well. Thank you again EVERY SINGLE PERSON THAT WATCHES my videos. Thank you for your support, thank you for all the likes, thank you for subscribing and thank you for taking an interest in me as a person. I know there are a ton of people you can watch on youtube and I just want you to know I am very grateful for you coming onto my channel and watching me so thank you a bunch of times MUAH! xoxo

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