MY FITNESS/WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY || Balancing An Engineering Degree & Fitness 💕

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I am back, this time with another chit chat video going over details of my fitness journey, how and when I started and ways in which I was able to successfully graduate whilst toning up!

This is mostly just a video for me to share my experience, as mentioned many times, I am no qualified expert or nutritionist haha I did engineering, so… VERY far off. My journey is all through trial and error, self learning and finding what was right for me!

Video overview (so it’s easier for you to watch! I know the length does scare people off haha)

– Brief overview of myself 1:15
– When did I decide to embark on this fitness journey 2:51
– Why did I start 3:52
– Fitness Journey (What I ate and how I exercised) Total of 3 phases 5:13
– How did I balance studying for an engineering degree and fitness 17:51
– My routine at university (typical day during exam season) 21:51

My transformation video – How I Lost 46 Pounds:

Gogreengolean 💕


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  • im 157cm and i weigh 57kg… i did a strict diet for few weeks and lost 2kg but gained it back. i feel helpless and hopeless

  • how did you stop craving sugar?

  • Beauty w/ brain 🙂

  • omg you were so cute before , and even prettier

  • M also an environmentalist

  • you sleeping in math lects…
    if that aint me…..

  • Amazing! I'm also planning to get a civil engineering degree! And maybe at the same time start working out. It's amazing how balanced your workout and got that Master's degree knowing how much engineering students are struggling even just to get enough sleep! Or is it different there in the UK? Anyway, you're outstanding!

  • I go to the same university you went to! Youngs Kitchen at lunchtimes is my downfall sometimes ahaha

  • Susana, did you do more cardio or weightlifting for your weight loss journey? Because by the shape of your body, since ur not muscular, I'm guessing more towards cardio? Am I right? I'm actually doing an experiment with my weight loss journey, where I just eat dirty or eat whatever I want, and do heavy weightlifting and try to still lose weight. see if it works haha

  • Has she ever talked about how tall she is?

  • I cannot imagine how u went through all this while also working out this hard…especially at imperial…wow

  • That Chinese food is so tempting. My new role model. You look great 10/10

  • you weren't kidding when you said you can talk and talk & talk & talk & talk, you have a pommy accent grew up in the U.K??

  • love this video so much!!!! very inspiring:)

  • Curious where you got your T shirt?

  • thank you so mushhh

  • /study tips;)

  • Or study routine pls??

  • Luv it so much❤️❤️Would you so a school morning routine pls?🙈

  • Master year is tough for me too.. I can feel your pain ..

  • You are so much mature…. I was like a kid in my 22 😞

  • What is your latest weight loss health routine? Hope you make a video about it soon ^^ I’m on plateau for a while >_< I’m always at 50-51kg. My goal weight is 47-45kg. I’m 1.55m. Exercise 3-5days per week. Can you please give me some tips and recommendations to losing the last 3-5kgs :)?

  • 💕💕💕💕

  • I really got obsessed with your videos! I was wondering how you dealt with other peoples comments on like getting to skinny or whatever..? I feel like that happens a lot :/

  • Wow such a success. It is difficult to get an engineering degree (I know from experience) and trying to be fit at the same time.
    You made it. Congrats!
    I am trying to lose weight myself as well and I am documenting it on Youtube. Every single meal and exercise. That is being something difficult not to be able to eat without shooting but that is such a motivation.

  • Yo lady, love this video. It’s very inspirational. I feel motivated to start my weight loss journey again and be committed to it again. Thanks for sharing your journey

  • Susanna, just wondering, how many hours did you sleep during university?

  • you are so hard working , respect!

  • What university did you do your undergraduate degree in?

  • Oh heeey!! I'm an environmental:civil engineer as well! And starting a fitness journey!, this is crazy *presses subscribe

  • As another masters student in engineering, love your blog.

  • You're so inspiring! 22 and already with a Master's degree :O I'm only on my final year at a Bachelor's degree and I'm the same age 🙁 with very average grades

  • I lost 16 kilos in 5 months. Need to loss more. 😂😂 im still fat 😂😂 thank you btw. 😊😊

  • I've been watching for videos and followed your Insta for months, and still I love to watch your video all over again, bcs I think the tips that you gave are genuine and you didnt make it up for the Youtube's sake. Thank you for inspiring and please keep inspiring! Each time I always want to get myself started like you without any excuse.

  • I gained 40 pounds in the last 2 years.  I'm thinking I'll be watching your videos to aid in reversing this 🙂

  • Oh my god im watching this during my study leave and my exam is in another 2 days, and for the past month ive been studying late nightt for my past 5 papers and i feel so bad but still doin it. I adore u so much for beingg soo systematic and productive!!! You r such an inspiration!!

  • like you so much

  • This is the video that I really needed . Im going to start university this year to do medicine and I was just wanting to also start working out . This video was so helpful and thank you so much for uploading it 😊😊✌️

  • Thank you for making this video! My body gains weight very easily, and i recently have gone back up to roughly 70kg again 🙁 (it's been years though) – I'm turning 27 this year, so I know it will be a bit more difficult this time round to lose it, but this really gave me motivation!! Thank you! <3 <3 I am moving back to the UK soon and hope that I can make a difference before I go home 🙂

    Have a lovely day!

  • please you give the word tht you said in the video

  • Hey Susana, I wanted to ask you if your menstral cycle stayed the same. I know someone who "lost" her period as a result of a decrease I fat.

  • Could you do a video about your masters? I'm really interested in doing a masters, especially at Imperial College!

  • I am really glad that I could find such inspiring person in youtube! I have been suffering from weight loss problems and school work problems for quite a few years up till now and was still working my way through them. Thank you so much for those advices and making me think that it is possible for me to loose weight. I could not express how happy I was that finally there's someone out there who do understand how it feels like to want to look good in university. I went through the stage of the vicious cycle of loosing weight and the guilt after eating fatty food and jump on the treadmill for hours… That's why I always lost the motivation from loosing weight because I gained my weight back, but thanks for giving me the motivation again. And for the studying tip, its does help a lot as I am currently having my exams and I do understand how it feels for cramming everything to the last minute and stressing myself out extremely. I should learn from you how to be organise and focus on my work in normal days. You are such amazing and independent person, I am so happy that you are in HK as I am from hong kong, greetings from HK haha (studying in Melbourne now).

  • such an inspiration thank you !!! Can you share your study routine please ?;) ohhhh and a boyfriend taaaaaggg please 😍

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