My Final Weight Loss Goal

I’ve set the last weight loss goal. Never thought I’d be here. For more information on the ketogenic diet and links to products used in this video, see below.

For more information on the ketogenic diet, see below.
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  • Love the Kitty crier in the background 😊

  • I like how the chickens are giving their .02 as well 🙂

  • We need a t-shirt that says “Be like teensy”

  • Coincidentally, this is what Intermittent fasting people go through. I've IF'ed this last year. I've also come to the realization that I could eat once, twice or nothing in a day. If we have a lot of fat, we don't need to eat much. This is the same as If I'm in keto. Glad you had some realizations that we don't have to be still "programmed" to want to eat all the time.

  • I will start next January 8rh ;D

  • I'm so happy and grateful to have stumbled upon your channel! You are so easy to listen to and there are so many valuable information you are sharing! Thank you so much for your videos! I am only into 3rd week of this way of eating and already have lost 4kg and 13.5 cm overall! Not being hungry all the time is such a freeing feeling!

  • It's nice to find a new person that's been on a Keto / LCHF journey 🙂  Was pretty exciting watching some of your other videos because we are Very similar in height & age ! Today's My B-day just turned 57 & I "was" 5'2"  (now ) I'm only 5 '  I lost 2 inches ??  Bad enough to be short without losing more inches LOL  I hate mentioning my top or start weight too . This coming Feb. will be 3 years & I've lost 55 pounds . Been pretty much at (my goal ) for a year . Those online weight charts far as I'm concerned are Ridiculous !  I will never be a super model at my age . So I figure if I feel better , look good & I'm healthy  I don't need to be Ultra Thin . Yes had to stop making those fat bombs . Now if I really am craving – I slap a little PB on a small square of 86% choc . Walk away & tell myself that's all you need , your not getting more .. Pep  talks or Kicking myself in my own butt works good for me 🙂   Your looking Great , like your way of thinking on Keto . Subbed /Liked ..

  • I have been stuck for over a month at 47 lbs. I may fluctuate a pound or two but I am a solid not going under 47 lbs. I'm going to to make a goal as well of 12 lbs. I think I need a goal to work on as well. When you said January 8 that tickled me. That's my birthday. I am starting now, Casey. You don't realize how much you inspire me. Thank you for your video's.

  • Ms. Casey do you eat fat with every meal?

  • I'm really enjoying your talks so please keep them coming. I was wondering if you plan to attend the next meeting in Durham?

  • I'm really enjoying your talks so please keep them coming. I was wondering if you plan to attend the next meeting in Durham?

  • Very good goal – all dates are arbitrary. I am brand spanking new to keto. 🙂

  • I fell off the keto wagon and having trouble getting back on. Any suggestions?

  • When you mention staying under 25 grams of carbs do you mean net carbs?

  • My nursing scrubs don't feel as tight this week. Feeling positive!🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • You look so great! I don't know where 14 pounds would come from!

  • I enjoy your talks, the longer the better…you make excellent points

  • LoL I understand

  • Another good video Casey please post the recipe for your fat bombs-I will keep cheering you on.

  • Really enjoyed the chickens😁 and I'm glad you're getting to your "happy" place with food.

  • <3<3<3

  • isn't the keto life wonderful? I have never ate so well yet lost weight so easily in my MANY years of dieting. I love your optimism. I too eat the same things over and over, but on keto they're tastey! I have every confidence you'll make any goal you choose. Take care and keep the wisdom coming 😃😃😃😃😃

  • Best wishes on your new goal, but please do not stop posting when you reach your goal. Your talks are very motivational.

  • Absolutely. I feel at my best when I'm almost empty. Even when I finally do get hungry, a few bites in and I'm full. It's nice not to feel starved.

  • My mom is exactly like you Aunt Teentsie. She's said that very thing that she wished she could just take a pill and not have to actually eat. Interesting switch!

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