Liquid Diet – Oprah’s Biggest Regret

Oprah’s weight has not been consistent in the last few years as there have been many changes regarding her weight chart. In the last few months, she gained some pounds again and is continually working on reducing her weight. She has been helped by three very important people namely Mr. Bob Greene, her personal trainer; Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardio surgeon; and Dr. Nicholas Perricone, a skin care specialist. After all the weight loss programs that she has tried, she is now into the all new Acai berry combined with colon cleansing. Before this, she was into many kinds of dieting with the guidance of her personal trainer Bob Greene. In 1988, Oprah tried liquid diet and lost 67 pounds in a matter of 4 months. With that, she fit into Calvin Klein denims (size 10).

But then again, she has mentioned many times about regretting that diet until today and that she wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, whatever the need or whatever the case. According to her, had she known that she could have lost the same pounds with solid dieting, she would never have taken that option in the first place.

Why Did Oprah Regret her Liquid Diet?

As she explained, she literally did not eat even a small serving of real food for 4 months time. Starving is never a good option, although it does assure you of losing a lot of pounds. What she did was a liquid protein diet and admits to doing this as her biggest mistake.

Oprah also admitted to eating so much right after the 4-month liquid dieting and after a few days, she gained a few pounds again and could not fit into the denim anymore. After a month or two, she gained another 17 pounds and until then, her weight has not been doing well.

Side Effects of a Liquid Diet

1. There is a tendency of shredding pounds from the muscles instead of the fat.

2. It triggers aggression.

3. It can cause migraine or severe headache.

4. It causes imbalance on a person’s health since it deprives the body of the proper nutrients that it needs.

5. It weakens the body and drains the energy.

Liquid dieting is never the answer to a successful weight loss strategy. It’s much better to engage in healthier methods such as eating in moderation, proper regular exercise, enough sleep and drinking lots of water.

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