Intermittent Fasting, Fat Loss & Bodyweight Exercises w/ Donny Mateaki

Science says eating just one meal per day can improve your health.

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Up to now, much of the intermittent fasting (IF) research published up to now is conducted in overweight individuals.

But is the trendy feeding and fasting practice (Intermittent Fasting) helpful or harmful for physically active people?

Elite football player and coach to professional athletes, Donny Mateaki, weighs in.

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02:25 Donny’s family grew much of their food. This has fostered a sense of gratitude makes Donny more aware of food waste.
04:42 As a college athlete, Donny switched to eating quality organic food and performed better.
06:29 Only a small percentage of professional football players are aware of whole quality food nutrition, in Donny’s experience.
08:22 An injury caused Donny to re-evaluate everything: sleep quality, workouts and nutrition.
09:57 Raw Functional Training is using your body weight with varied movement patterns. It builds stability in your shoulders, hips and core and strengthens muscles.
11:07 Being able to “hit the wall” in training sessions, allows for a teachable moment, rather than waiting to “hit the wall” during a game.
11:57 Positive thinking at the point of exhaustion changes your physiology and gives you the ability to fight longer.
12:31 Grit differentiates elite athletes from all others.
19:23 Sports teaches life lessons faster.
20:16 Donny lost 50 pounds with time restricted feeding in 2 or 3 months.
24:32 With fasted state workouts, Donny finds that repetitions are better, but power has somewhat diminished.
25:39 Donny tapes his mouth for sleep and finds a profound difference in sleep quality and workout recovery.
27:27 Keto worked well for Donny.
28:37 Postural Restoration Institute exercises has been beneficial for Donny’s athletes and are part of his book.
33:50 Gym strength does not always transfer to the field due to poor movement quality.
34:53 The Crawl Series can be done as a warmup, a finisher or incorporate it into the workout once or twice a week.
38:10 People who did not crawl for long as a baby tend to experience more back pain later in life.
42:51 Donny’s morning routine: He prays and meditates first thing. He reviews his goals and writes things for which he is grateful. He reads for about 30 minutes before working and working out.
45:22 Donny’s desert island nutrient is kale.
46:33 Donny’s elevator pitch is to improve food quality in school. Get kids to eat real organic food.

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  • How I know you're on the wrong path within a matter of minutes:

    You promote the keto diet.
    You sell products that have harmful ingredients.
    You promote eating meat.
    Your head-hair is pretentious.
    You shave your face.
    You're wearing some stupid thing on your arm.

  • As an video editor, seeing "Media Offline" makes me sad ): 43:44. Great talk though!

  • Wow! Nice Donny. I grew up on Oahu and Maui and had no trouble identifying with your comments on continuous eating as being a big part of the culture. I surfed long and often in those days and when it came time to eat, my friends and myself usually gravitated to either hamburger steak plate lunches with the two starch groups: 2 scoops of macaroni salad and 2 scoops of rice, or, teriyaki chicken with 2 scoops of macaroni salad and 2 scoops of rice also. Lol

  • I’m 41 and and been doing Keto, intermittent fasting and exercising for over a month. I’m down 25 pounds and haven’t felt this good in years. I’m a former collegiate Div 1 football like Donny. Bad eating habits post college stuck with me on and off for years. Over a month ago I had enough. Cutting all the BS out of my diet has been a huge game changer. Got focused and realized I can’t continue down this destructive path. Thank you for having this interview. Being that it resonates with me the most because Im polynesian and have a very similar background as Donny. This motivated me even further to get my health back and continue to stay focused. Taking it one day at a time. Thank you🤙🏽🤙🏽🤙🏽

  • Ive been on daily 16:8 for two years. I also average 3 , 1 to 2 hour work outs per week while in my fasting window. My BMI is steady at 22. I went low carb 3 months ago to see how much it will improve my blood markers. But my health has been very good. Im 60 years old. Ive done a couple of 48 hour fasts as well in the last 3 months.

  • Great vids, new subscriber here, first time asking question, Berberine should i take with or without food?? I'm on keto and IF for several months now, lost 80+- lbs. over 2 years, Carmel CA, grateful for your channel!

  • Love this interview. Thanks for the diversity Mike! 🙂

  • Great interview. 8mo in and my life is changed for the better. I'm down 70lbs and recovering from a major spine injury. I am 6'3 265lbs. I played sports at 290-295 throughout teens and early twenties. Ran around at 330 eating everything and believing that I was unbreakable. 42 birthday and my back went out. Be healthy from the beginning and reduce chances of having to play catch up.

  • Cool interview. What a nice guy. Actually both!

  • Big fan of this episode and your work. What are the chances we get an episode with Dr. Rhonda Patrick? Either way, keep it up!

  • Athletic did teach me a lot. But doing stock trading will destroy you emotionally and psychologically. Nothing like putting you hard earned money on the line to crush you. Whole reason I looked to increase my health to trade better. Because the market opens early here and being alert is paramount.

    I say kale is one of the easiest plants to grow. I would stress to get automated watering system and use mulch.

  • troy polamalu?

  • Thank you for this interview Mike! It's moving the needle for me to push harder even though it seems my strength is waning. Blessings friend :o)

  • I might incorporate some of his moves into my routine.

  • Very good interview. Nice to see an athlete with grit that has such a nice vibe and personality.

  • Gosh…Donny is such a good looking guy!

  • Hey Mike just a video glitch at 28:06 theres a red screen "media offline frame"

  • Now that he's at a healthy weight hopefully he will stop using intermittent starving

  • Go Donny!

  • Keto OMAD – Ripped and vascular

    Keto two Meals a day 20hrs fast, 4 hour eating window – muscular, ripped and vascular.

    Keto Meals – 16 hours fasting, 8 hours eating – Gain muscle, Low body fat, vascular.

    Add protein, carbs, aminos, creatine and L-Glutamine post workout. Make this your only meal with protein and carbs. Only if you have sub 10 percent body fat. Got to earn those carbs.

  • Sometimes I wonder if these benefits when we start time-restricted eating or IF are short-term because the body goes from expecting food constantly to getting it in a shorter window. But once that window is used for months/ years (even if not constantly day-in, day-out) I feel like the body just thinks it's just a normal day/ no difference in body function?

  • Man Bun Pig Killer!

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