If I Had to do OMAD All Over Again…

Those who follow my weight loss journey have the advantage of learning from my mistakes. Looking back, there really haven’t been very many mistakes. But this video gives two things I’d do differently.


HOW to eat OMAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAN7Z9l8pKQ

WHY you should eat OMAD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KW5LlzeFTI

GET SUPPORT and join the forums: forums.omad.info

A TIMELINE OF CHANGES on eating once a day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmbctWCacXg

Five Meaningless Dieting Buzzwords We Need to Stop Using: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29EK8W6UHVY

Death is Not Quick: Why I Finally Chose to Drop the Big Pounds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1oHGleHaMY

Six Types of People Who Struggle the Most with Weight Management: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJBMf-0BKxY


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  • Excellent advice, thank you

  • I have had to do omad over again many times, a whole lot of trial and error. The biggest tip I have after my trials is, once you gain control, lets say one month in, focus on eating healthy. A couple of times I ate too much junk, I got lazy with what I was eating. The one biggest thing that will make you fail is junk food…why? Because the sugar messes with your insulin and also hunger hormones. You will notice that if you eat too much junk, the next day you will have more hunger pangs and struggle a whole lot more than if you ate more clean natural foods. Once I learned that mistake, it was plain sailing, I do not ever get hungry anymore and I train every day too. So in truth, to think at the start it is ok to just eat whatever just so long as you get to the point of control, is actually counter intuitive. All that sugar you will probably be consuming will work against you, so in truth, it is probably best to eat healthy, and one plate rule from the very start. You will certainly progress much faster that way. Just my two cents worth.

  • I can't agree more with the importance of journaling. I have kept a journal for the past 25 years. Since my first child was born. It's so helpful to look back to where you've come from for every aspect of your life.

  • It all boils down to. do you want it or not. I was the guy that said ill start Monday. I was the guy that said oh I had a cookie, well this weeks blown. I was an excuse guy. I love your approach to all this. I work 10.5 hrs a day… im gone 13 hrs a day.
    'I don't have to worry about breakfast or lunch. I just consume tons of water during the day and I eat my dinner.
    i STILL HAVE THE OCASSIONAL CRAVINGS..but when that happens i grab a bottle of water and i drink the whole thing.
    cravings gone!

  • Mr do you have loose skin?

  • Hello! I just started this. However, before I did regular CICO and just got used to eat 3-4 very small portions and be satiated, and now I'm scared that I will get used to big portions and stretch my stomach and always want more 🙁 I do OMAD and IF because I agree with the insulin theory, but when I start to eat I know I can eat a lot even thought I'm small (this is how I got fat in the first place, even on keto) 🙁

  • After one year of OMAD on and off Im down 30 lbs (194 to 164) Thank you so much! It truly works if you do.

  • Great points!

  • God bless you thank you for this video

  • Omad frels great so far !!!

  • On week 4 Omad – lost about 15 lbs eating healthy – aboutn1200 cals
    8-10 oz chicken breast avocado eggs,

  • How can I share my pictures I would love to show you the change in my body

  • Thank you it’s Steve I can’t believe it it’s Americal I can’t get over it I keep dropping weight every day it crazy thank you again

  • Hey this is Steve I’ve been fasting for about four months I’ve lost 50 pounds it’s wonderful taking one day at a time

  • Did you get any loose skin?

  • Thanks for the information. Im 2 weeks in on my weight loss journey. Water fasted 10 days 5 days fruits and vegetables. My bp was 212 when i started now its 139/83/70. 305 when i started 280 now lost 25 lbs my goal is 200 then fine tune to 185. Im 5 ft 11 in 57 yrs old. My highest weight was 320 3 months ago.

  • May I ask since in another video, you mentioned that you shouldn't fast year round. That said, to your opinion, what would be a good recommended time frame to go in and out of OMAD ? I'm assuming a couple of days a month but I am hoping you can share your thoughts on this topic.

  • Thank you … you're doing SO MANY of us so much good … cheers to your openness with your past life experiences 🙂 !

  • Thank you so much. Your advise is so powerfully simple and so many Americans need to hear this.

  • Here is my take. One meal a day is a lifestyle that I wish more people would utilize. Regarding the low calories. Look, if you sit down to eat your meal and half the plate fills you up, then you should stop eating, even if you have only consumed 500 calories. Your body just told you "Hey, I've had enough." Now, I do not recommend eating ONLY 500 calories if you are still very hungry afterwards. Eat your full portion. However, if you have been diligent that day, no snacking or cheating, and you sit down and 500 calories fill you up, you should stop eating and be happy.

  • Did you ever get headaches after eating? My 6th day OMAD, I've been doing intermittent fasting and lost 50 pounds. IDK why I wanted to try OMAD, guess boredom and stagnation on my 16:8

  • See Johnathan Mason’s channel.

  • I am binge watching ALL of your videos, I know this one is older but what great tips!!!  thank you

  • Food drives are great, feel good deeds, I always overshop and then I give what I don't need to the family with 5 kids next door every week, they love extra fruit and veggies…

  • .  VERY ARTICULATE PRESENTATION !!!  SYMPATHY, SENSITIVITY AND INSIGHT ARE BEYOND REPROACH  with me ,myself , and I  being the Most Astute, Shrewd Judgmental YouTube Critic !)  Your videos are far above the rest, they are Impactful ,Empowering , Demonstrative , and Easy to Follow Instructions for YouTube Viewers like myself.

  • May I ask how many pounds you lost?

  • Thank you for the in-sights! I'm on my 6th day and I will definitely put your tips to work. Thank you!

  • Your so right about how things that change in your life also change what you need. My kids all grew up and flew the nest i was overeating out of boredom, loss, sadness, I just needed to get a grip The kids were doing fine, I am now loosing all that weight i put on with OMAD and cutting sugar from my diet. But your outward appearance is always an indicator of what is going on in your life.

  • and I track all my . cals for my one meal a day as well. I also have 1 cheat day a week. maybe I need to just keep going and it will turn itself around?

  • tips for getting discouraged when you gain a pound at your weekly weigh in, 2 weeks in a row? I've only been OMAD ING for 6 weeks so I don't think I should be slowing yet? need to lose 40 and down 11.

  • Interesting…

  • Sorry, totally wrong. Not everyone….you said 'we suck'. Not true with everyone. Eat as much as you want, but once. Don't count calories. Even eat desert.

  • Starting tomorrow – great advice. Watched quite a few of your videos and I am convinced this is the way to go.

  • have watched several of your vids now and appreciate all the great info, but, won't you please consider smiling more, and at least pretend to be happy? many thanks

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