I Gave My Boyfriend An Extreme Body Makeover

WATCH EPISODE 1 – OLIVIA’S MAKEOVER! https://youtu.be/LIBebW9pTk0

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Creative Director – Garrett Kennell

Editor – Silas Orteza

Coordinator – Anniken Aalbu

Camera Operators:

Allan DeLeon
AJ Young


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  • Hey guys!! I hope you loved episode 2 of our series 🙂 HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! We are so excited to share that we are opening up submissions to the show! If you are interested in being on an upcoming episode of Extreme Body Makeover, full instructions are posted on my INSTAGRAM! ➡️https://instagram.com/michellekhare/

  • Good job on your journey to 9.9 body fat. I totally relate to you, 5 years ago I was at my 140 pounds, extremely skinny , but i started to train with just body weights for 6 weeks and later on I started with free weights. I became a bit more muscular but not too noticeable for those 6 weeks, just 12 pounds of muscles, and I was hoping to reach 100 pounds at least as my max weight. Now I am shredded, muscular (the sleeve of my pants and t shirts are stretched), I weight 175 pounds, with a 11 percent body fat ratio, and I can lift comfortable between 90 to 220 pounds, depending on the specific muscle. Building muscles and being more physically capable takes time , just be discipline and do it for the right reason , and you will see amazing results in long term.

  • I wish you could give me a body makeover ;-;

  • "We are going tomorrow" cries

  • Fuck your bf your my girl your so buetfuil


  • I love watching your videos I feel like I don’t want to give up on my own fitness journey I’m starting

  • Om gose you two arw so cute ugggg

  • can you do this to me before prom please

  • Do Safiya or Shane Dawson

  • Garret: I just wanna know I’m not going to die soon

    Me: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want one

  • so I love michelle and watch almost every one of these vids, because they are so inspiring! My only small thing i would like to say is that it's not entirely correct to say the yolk of eggs is unhealthy. In fact it's important when having mostly egg whites to throw in a yolk every now and then because they're a really good source of omega 3's, healthy fats and contain a lot of minerals! i'm not saying eat a ton of yolks either because that;s not healthy. But moderation in food is key!

  • This series is so inspiring. Garrett you look amazing

  • “Why am I eating the not delicious part of the egg?”

    I feel ya, mate

  • My feet are rarely the same way

  • train me pls T_T

  • For non-imperial folks: convert your weight in kgs to lbs (google is your friend), divide by 2 and convert from oz to g, and that's how many mL of water you should drink a day approximately. For example: 52kg = 114.64lbs; 114.64 : 2 = 57.32oz = 1.6249947kg = 1.6L/day for a 52kg person approx.

  • The eye roll at 17:15 is killing me😂

  • He's such a cute and good guy, you two make it an amazing couple 🙂

  • I need a Michelle in my life.
    I need someone to encourage me to work out the way she encouraged her bf, and everyone else in her videos.

  • I love this series!!! I just started my own health journey and these videos get me even more exited! ❤❤❤

  • 6:03 "I play D&D a lot…" ok I love you. I thought so when I saw him wearing the black shirt with the outlines of like 6 D20 in all the colours of the rainbow (one of out party members has the same shirt btw) //Edit: yeah, it's the shirt he's wearing at 10:17// but now I have confirmation and it's awesome
    "…and when I do that, I end up drinking with my friends" my (when we first started barely 16yo) ass: hah, same. Nice to see that part doesn't change half way across the globe (we are all 18 now and as of Italian law of legal drinking age so no law-breaking involved. Anymore)

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