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  • Oooooooor…….ooooooooooooor…..these fat butts can exercise or stop shoveling fried chicken in their faces

    Lol…..fat lazy people

  • if you are talking about leptin this is the wrong approach

    ppl get leptin resistant if they eat too much fructose without bulk/water/fiber from fruit or lectins

    u can try it out for urself – eat as much agave sirup as u can handle (high in both fructose and lectins+added bonus of insulin spike) first thing in the morning – ull be able to down way more food than usual that day

    just stop giving these fat ppl pasta and soda…their gut and microbiome will change and stuff will clear up

  • Well, that's just great
    The next thing you'll know, women all over the world will be taking this relatively painless alternative to puking.

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