How to Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss | Coconut Oil Weight Loss

How to Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss |

Learning how to use coconut oil for weight loss is essential if you intend to adopt the coconut oil diet for weight management.

Understanding how coconut oil weight loss works is foundational to the efficacy and benefits of coconut oil for weight loss.

Coconut oil weight loss works because of the medium-chain fatty acids, which are preferentially used as energy and less likely to be stored as fats.

Other than coconut oil and palm kernel oil, virtually all other oils contain a significant portion of unsaturated fatty acids.

The long-chain fatty acids are more preferentially stored as fats and less as energy, compared to the medium-chain fatty acids.

How to Eat Coconut Oil for Weight Loss?
To see maximum effect on losing weight with coconut oil, you would need to REPLACE all other edible oils with coconut oil.

The reason is the long-chain fatty acids in all other oils will CONTRIBUTE to fat storage much easier than coconut oil.

You must STOP the INPUT of long-chain fatty acids if you want the fastest and maximum weight loss effect from coconut oil.

Best Strategy: Coconut Oil + No Other Oils + Exercise

Exercise will burn off the existing fatty tissue.

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  • A year ago I did change my cooking oils from olive oil to coconut organic oil, at the same time I cut out all sugar and went to a plant based organic diet I lost 17 pounds in less then 2 months, on top of that I no longer get headaches nor does my moods go up and down at the drop of a hat..The only thing I wish was that I had done this yrs ago…Thank you for a wonderful video.God bless you to continue Sharing more heathy ideas..

  • AWFULL for weightLoss! But it helped me a great deal by fixing my allergies! I guess if I have taken ONLY 2 (two) TEASPOONS a day would do, but 2 TABLE SPOONS OUT OF THE QUESTION (for me)!

  • Make sure to take "virgin coconut oil" and not just coconut oil.

  • fuck u

  • Coconut Oil helps food to taste really good also and weight loss is a plus

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