Today I go through the best ways to lose fat and stay motivated for ever! Want to be like me, and have the ability to get workout everyday, no complaints! Watch this to impliment my best 6 simple tips into your lifestyle!



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  • 2:57 ABOUT THE FREE PROGRAMME! (also visit the link in description if you want to get it!)

    Thanks for all your support, my time to give back and try my best to guide you in a good direction! Health and Fitness is my passion, so I really want to share that with everyone as much as possible CUZ I LOVE IT!

    Comments are much appreiciated as always, and I love reading all your replies! Thanks my lil cushions <3 (New thing? "lil cushions" probs not haha)


  • Ant and his messy room💕

  • 🤓

  • Now, I know he ate those burgers 😣😆😋 lol. It wasn't the purpose of the video, but now I want a cheeseburger 😅

  • Very informative lad thanks

  • Thanks Anthony..very informative and motivating. I often found myself not knowing what to do at the gym causing me to stop going and eventually cancelling my membership. This will help me get back into it and hopefully see results this time.

  • Tbh, I really don't know why I even clicked on this video because I know that all I'm gonna do is just walk around the park once then go home and stuff myself with chocolate lol.

  • what a gorgeous,sexy blue eyes you have Mr. Anthony.

  • #notificationsquad
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  • Thanks

  • Lo siento, con esos ojos tan bellos es muy difícil concentrarse!

  • blue eyes and british accent ! oh im falling for u !

  • Has Anthony got a lisp ?

  • Thanks for the information, very helpful. I do have a question, do you use any supplements, if so what do you recommend?

  • If these words don’t come from you, then it does not give me motivation. Thanks Anthony!

  • Oh oh fuck me

  • Love you guys

  • Hi Anthony!, I forgot to mention in my comment below in addition to my Keto diet plan and using "My FitnessPal" to track calories, nutrition, and progress I also have an established exercise program consisting of cardio plus muscle and fitness training. I also track the exercises that I do on my treadmill and the full body resistance training on my "Bow Flex" with My FitnessPal. Using My FitnessPal has helped me develop the discipline to exercise, eat healthy, and stay on track to reach my goals, much like the structured free program you are offering below. I am impressed with your free program and how you have it laid out.😊😊 Although I have more to accomplish yet, I think I have done pretty good over the last 70 days to lose 25 lbs following the same things Anthony is telling us to do. So let's get behind Anthony and take advantage of any free programming, discounted training, and tips he offers us to make our lives more healthy.😊 Thanks Anthony and kudos to you for helping us to become healthier and staying fit.😊💖 Our lives the better for it!!!😊💖💖 Peace and be safe. P.S. You don't have to have the machines I have to exercise properly. I am sure Anthony can offer advice for excellent exercises with little or no equipment. Ask him!!

  • very informative 😀

  • LMAOOO we came here to lose belly fat 😂 I was dead but love you ant and nick

  • Anthony you have really nice eyes. Thank you for your suggestions.

  • I love your face, thanks for doing this video that can help some people💕

  • I ❤️ur eyes 👀

  • Would you please do a video with your shirt off? You are very handsome and there's always a picture of you shirtless on the notice of a new vid, but it's never on the vid. I hope you don't use it as click bait. Come on Ant.

  • Live your Chanel your amazing. Just started back to working out and already feel the results. Thanks for all your vids and tips.

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