HOW I STAY MOTIVATED! (4 Years Post Weight Loss)

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  • I love Donar Kabab ohmygahhh! Also thank you for this talk. I'm gonna set some goals that arn't related to the scale..Hmmm

  • Dude the little edits of other things that pertain to what your saying or doing that you cut to throughout the videos, are GENIUS! 😂😂 it's really fun and entertaining.

  • Is there a reason why his right arm is so much bigger than his left or is it just from natural dominance?

  • Why cant they get straight to the point. This is all about ego

  • Thank you for this video. I’ve lost 55 lbs and am starting to lose my motivation. This video helps…tremendously.

  • Have you heard of the internet lol convertible kg pounds haha sorry

  • I liked, I commented and I am OUT;-)

  • I need to find your type of motivation! Very inspiring!

  • Ok what is the song he uses in his intro?

  • I need your help, I am Mexican I live in Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico, weight 321.87 pounds and I am 32 years old, I can no longer, my weight is killing me, I have no partner, I can not live anymore, I need help, I can do , I do not understand much English about 40%, here the economic possibilities are very few, money is scarce, sometimes we eat what you can not what we like, what I can do, since 2 days I'm walking 3km without stopping And I reduced my food portions in half, I was able to lower 4.5 pounds, what more can I do, please help me, I beg you, thank you

  • Don't you call your girl

  • I just found your page you're truly a inspiration. I'm happy I found your page. Please remain humble you changing lives. I totally agree. Throw away the scale.

  • Question. In the last 8 months I have lost 40 pounds (I am 5'7" and was 190 and am now 150) just simply teaching myself slowly to adjust to a regular cardio routine and managing my calorie intake. This has been wonderful, however now I am at a point where I am at a staul. I have lost so much, but I really would like to tone out and am having a hard time. Would you suggest any nutrition or fitness books I can read? I am not very educated because I was never fit in my life until I enlisted in the United States Air Force 🙂 you help is appreciated! Thank you.

  • The little girl was too cute! <3

  • kg is beter

  • Thank you John as you really made me believe I could lose weight. I stepped out of my comfort zone and started my own YouTube channel to document my journey I hope that one day I could meet you

  • Love my brothers and sisters from the USA. If your ever in Nottingham I would love to train with you. I'll take you to Karl Froch's secret gym.

    Your an inspiration bro.

  • I wonder if there at a different elevation. If so have you noticed a difference in you ability and stamina?

  • Could you make a video talking more about goal setting? Setting goals (unrelated to weight loss) and tips for actually achieving them/keeping yourself on track? (:

  • Cool vid but you should have squatted 300 pounds you were two pounds away

  • I lost 33 pounds since january and your videos helped me a lot to stay motivated ! Come say hi in Paris, France. you're not so far from there haha 🙂

  • 6 Years ago i was 420lbs I had gotten down to 240 but have since gone back to 305, i wish I seriously wish someone had said this to me 5 years ago. I lost my motivation when I hit a plateau and the only thing that mattered to me was that scale, it got me completely off the wagon. Now i feel like it is time to begin again, renewed and reassured with your words and message John.

  • Hey man so quick question I weigh 310 pounds I started using my fitness pal to keep track of my eating and calories about 4 weeks ago trying to lose weight. To lose 1.5 pounds a week it said I needed to eat 2010 calories well I bumped it down to 1800 and still don't usually consume that amount of calories. I've also been working out almost everyday for the last 2 weeks doing full body workouts cardio then full body workouts and so on yet I've only lost 1.5 pounds in 4 weeks of bring in a caloric deficit and working out 2 weeks. Any advice?

  • thank you for making a video like this! I really needed some motivation advise!!

  • Make a meal prep for a whole week video

  • Did Faith call him JD? It sounded like DD, but I asume she meant JD :o)

  • One thing I struggle with a lot is staying motivated when sick.. I'm in that state when I'm just sick enough so I can't exercise without risking making it worse..but not sick enough to stay in bed all day. I'm taking small walks and doing stuff at home while also trying to study but, ugh, my motivation to get back to the gym is going seriously downhill the longer this flu tortures me.
    Either way, great job on videos as usual and hope you keep on having an awesome time!

  • Dude ur AWESOME!!! and such a motivation with my transformation…

  • Thanks so much John for continuing to inspire and be such a positive influence to me and others. I've been steady eating healthy and exercising since April 15th and am down 15lbs (I weighed 328 to start). And you're right, I'm focusing on just staying active, using a Fitbit to set small daily goals and it's going great! It's taken far too long to commit to the lifestyle but I'm in it now and it's empowering. Thanks again!

  • John, I am not obese but I am not in the healthiest shape and am only 14 so I don't want to harm my body advice??

  • you truly inspire me. Thanks

  • Wait till you learn the calories on that donner hahaha

  • Great advice. Started to watch your channel in Feb and have lost 16lbs so far. PRs are a great feeling- my 5000m row started at 26min and now is 24:10. What do you on days where you can't be bothered to go to the gym or are too tired?

  • you're so awesome!
    thank you for always taking the time to tell people that is starting how to deal with so many things, from time to time it gets so frustrating and it's cool to know that you are not the only one going through it

  • I have been watching your videos for about 2 years now. Not gonna lie, watching you do squats in this video really inspired me to change. I have really gotten out of shape since I used to be in the gym. And seeing you beat my own personal PR's has given me a desire to get back into the gym again. Thank you I might check back in after a couple months.

  • What kind of dog is that?

  • Can you put the measurement in kg in all of your videos? it would be really helpful 😉

  • What a great vlog to wake up to here in Phoenix, AZ. Thank you for all your advice and help …. keep on vlogging

  • I have to say how inspired I am by each of your videos! It really helps me to stay motivated on eating healthy and to keep on going to the gym even though I might not see the results just yet. Thank you for the time you take to share your efforts, struggles, stories and fun moments of it all 🙂

  • lbs -> kg
    0,45 kg = 1 lbs
    multiply amount of kg with 0,45
    4,5 kg = 10 lbs
    9 kg = 20 kg

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