Hey guys,
This is a very sensitive subject for me for many reasons but I won’t get into it right now.
The reason why I decided to talk about the weight loss was because I got asked about it.
I know that the internet is going crazy over the keto diet and that some people transform a diet into a cult, but it is not my case.
I wanted to lose my weight that I’ve accumulated in the past two years and I needed something that would truly work. I have mentained my weight for 12 years, so for me it’s not as hard to keep the same weight, it’s really hard to decided what to do to lose the weight in the first place.

Here’s my journey, I know that the first part is pretty long but it’s about my real struggles.

However I decided to add numbers to each subject that I am talking about so this way it is easier for you to just watch only parts that ypu are interested to.
Bellow you will find all the details and I hope this video was as informative as it could be for a first video where I talk about diet and food and weight loss.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions and I’d be happy to answer you.

Thank you so much for the love and support !

1. Why did I want to lose weight? How I came to realise it was time ! 01:43
2. How did I find out about Keto Diet ? 06:59
3. How much weight did I lose with Keto in how much time? 08:14
4. What is Keto Diet and how does it work? 08:43
5. What is Intermittent Fasting? 09:42
6. What window of eatting did I start with and how’s the current situation? 10:28
7. The benefits of Keto with IT that I can personally feel. 11:56
8. What I eat in a day at Keto? 14:41
9. What do I drink on Keto? 17:15
10. Do I get HANGRY when I fast? 18:44
11. When did I see the first results ? 19:44
12. Side Effects on Keto diet? 21:21
13. Social Life 23:00
14. Do I eat any fruits or sugar? 24:09
15. Do I have any cheat meals? 24:39
16. Do I workout during Keto ? 25:21

Thanks Katy ( LUSTRELUX here on YouTube) for putting this video out there!
Here you can find her Instagram:

Here is Dr Berg’s channel:

Here’s the recipe for my breakfast!!
Shoutout to MAKEUPSHAYLA who shared this recipe on her YOUTUBE channel.
Her Insta:

Recipe ( you can adapt this the way you want, I did it too for my own taste and preference)
– 1 tbsp Chia Seeds
– 3 tbsp Hempseeds
I add normal milk ( works with almost, coconut milk if you prefer) I’d say about 6 tbsp and I let this mixture in the fridge for about an h
Then I add:
– a handful of pecan nuts
– a handful of pumpkin seeds
– a handful of coconut flakes
– 1 tsp Xylitol ( u can use stevia, I personally hate the taste)
– 1 tbsp organic almond butter
– 1 cup berries ( I use raspberries)


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  • Hi andreea are u still doing keto??? I used to follow dr berg too, but once i started eating again i have not been able to go back, OMG ur cat is sooo cute

  • I'm doing 16/8 IF for 4 months now. I everything is perfect…

  • Take another cat, these are bad! 😂😂😂 The normal one are great friends and they adore hugging.

  • Fruits are cheat meals? What the heck? And need DAYS to go in the track??? For some fruits?

  • Amazing video! It is so fun to watch how happy Andreea is about her 99k followers, and now she has 232k 🙂 I'm so happy for her!

  • Okay. But i need your hair 💕💕💕💕

  • My hair fell a lot too! Starting on the 4th month and went on for a few months. It starts to grow back but still a lot thinner. Otherwise, keto's been good.

  • How did they pay you for represent keto diet? I need some money also and i am thinking to promote something like this….

  • Watching this video while having biriyani, feels heavenly! 😪😪

  • Intermittent fasting is a miracle. My skin was better, I lost weight, my digestion got better. And yes! breakfast is overrated! Once I stopped eating breakfast and I noticed I lost weight. And my last meal was at 6pm.

  • I just this very minute found this video. OMG!!! I would never have guessed you are only an inch taller than me. What I enjoyed about your video was your reference to Dr. Berg and IF. I have followed him for about three years. That's when I started IF, haven't really tried the Keto Diet maybe because I just couldn't eat that much food. Sadly, things changed in my life a few months ago and IF went out the window, however, I recently started again and when I saw your video and listened to your story it motivated me to stay on the IF path. Dr. Berg is great and funny. Looking at older pictures of him, you can really see the difference IF and Keto has made in his life. I was able to speak with him a couple of times via his live YT show. Thank you, Ali Andreea.

  • First of all I want to thank you for being the first influencer I’ve seen that keep things so down to earth and real🙏🏼❤️ I feel like I can relate to you in many ways!
    Then I would like to congratulate you to your weight loss and strength, it shows that it wasn’t just waterweight but more shedding from an (to me) already slim woman!
    I would like to recommend you to
    eat zinc when it comes to hair loss cause it has so many great benefits and one included is hair loss and skin. Also sleep and most of all boost the immune system!
    I used to shed so much hair til I started eating sink and now it’s barely nothing in my brush at the end of the day🎉🙏🏼
    I look forward to seeing more of you and keep up the awesome work you do beautiful😍💗🌸🎉

  • Thank you for sharing your personal experience with gaining control of your out of control life…..

  • Wait, you grew up in Romania and DIDN'T eat bread every day!? I come from Romania and I only learned in Canada that we weren't supposed to eat bread daily and especially not multiple times a day 😂

  • whats your hair color name here

  • Ahahahahaaaaa…!!!! Loved that expression with the luggage…!!!! Hahahahaaaa!! You are sooooooooo cute and funny!!! I totally love to watch you!!! I need this in my life. Really do. I also have very serious health issues that do not allow me to workout anymore and also taking pills every day, which eats out my stomach. And… as a regular Romanian, I also love to eat. Thank you so much for this video!!!

  • So happy I found your channel- Makeup and Keto are two of my favorite subjects!

  • Thank You Ali!

  • Thank you for sharing your story, so inspiring and encouraging!

  • What kind of workouts did you do! Cardio or weights or both

  • What time do you drink your coffee with milk?

  • Buna Andreea, te urmaresc de multa vreme, imi esti tare draga si sunt mandra ca esti romanca.
    Slabitul prin intermittent fasting are legatura cu nivelul scazut de insulina din corp, daca vrei sa aflii mai multe:

  • I hope you continue to tell us about your success with your healthy Keto dietary experience. i hope you continue to relate your progress to the folks who follow you. i have lost6 25lbs in 3 months. Please continue to report your progress to your subscribers. Love all of your videos!!!

  • Keto diet+ 16hrs dubrow diet. Perfect combination!

  • You are such a beautiful person 😍 I did IF since 2017 and with the help of Dr Eric Berg i've lost 8kl and still going strong 😘😉

  • Your video convinced me and I already started keto. 🙂 But I have one remark. Do not use xylitol. Erythritol is better since you do not like stevia. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  • I began watching some of your other videos & instantly felt a connection, but when I came across this video & found out you were also a keto sister I had to pause and go follow all of your social medias. Lol

  • So are my arms!😣

  • I feel so sad about my height I'm 152 sm. Can you make a video about being confident about being short

  • Ești româncă? Mulțumesc anticipat daca răspunzi…!

  • unnecessarily long introduction

  • Do you do IF everyday now then thank you from uk x

  • I am doing the keto diet, after being obese for 24 years, i found the diet that is working for me, is delicious and I feel great. I already lost 40 lbs in 3 months, i need to lose 115 lbs in total. But before i jumped to this diet i research a lot. This is my lifestyle of eating now, never going back to eat junk.

  • thank you for opening up and being vulnerable…not everybody is capable of doing that. i can only imagine how it feels to show your vulnerable side …it shows true character and your authentic personality. much love from an indian fan <3 stay blessed. Ps: Actually thinking to start it myself. THANK YOU!

  • The bread in America especially from supermarkets is made with hydrogenated fats which I am sure isn’t the case in Paris..

  • Lol I actually do the same with my arm also 😂

  • Hi there and thanks for sharing your story. Please will you tell me how tall you are?

  • Congratulations!! I’m happy for you!! I’m still looking for a diet that could work for me as well as the Keto worked for you but I have I question for you: do you have to count your kcal on keto diet I mean do you have I limit to not exceed???

  • I love your cat!!

  • Good for you! I too follow Dr. Berg! He is beyond surreal! As everything else in this world there are so many people doing this diet their own way. Doctor's will lie to you and say it's a horrible diet. Dr. Berg is a very knowledgeable man. I'm glad you found a reliable source.

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