Hi guys! Welcome to a Hong Kong vlog! In this video I’m telling you how I stay in shape and healthy travel hacks I use to lose weight on holiday! I always lose weight when I go on holiday, even though I indulge WAY more and eat out at restaurants for every meal!

We take you on our Elle Magazine HK shoot for my new online studio BBFIT!! Check out the full length classes here –

When I’m on holiday I always walk as much as possible, I think it’s one of the best ways to see the sights and love exploring. I love to do BBFIT workouts in my hotel room as well as always find local gyms or boutique fitness studios to try while I’m in town too! My favourite studio I went to in Hong Kong was WeBarre in Central.

I make sure to find healthy snacks and keep it healthy in the day and then indulge at dinner and treat myself! Trying all the delicious food is one of my favourite parts about travelling. I also will Intermittent Fast most days.

This really helps me to keep it healthy and always end up losing weight on holiday with no deprivation!!

Hope you liked this video!

Love, Bails xx


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