Herky's Weightloss Journey | From Curvy to Lean | Tips for dogs to lose pounds


We’re talking about an important topic today. Herky was once 23 lbs and she now weighs 17 lbs!

It took a while before we were able to make this video because losing weight takes time! In order to do this in a healthy manner, you need to do it step by step so the weight stays off!

Our main points that helped Herky get from 23 lbs to 17 lbs:
– Feed them QUALITY food (for us what worked was grain free dehydrated raw!)
– Control the portions (don’t be afraid to feed less than what the label says)
– Simple ingredients treats (we love dehydrated chicken and freeze dried liver!)
– Exercise!

This entire process took over 1.5 years but we were determined to get Herky in the best shape possible. Not only does she look and feel better, this is also so much healthier for her.

Please note that our vet never told us Herky was overweight. Sometimes, you know your own dog and breed better and you can feel if it’s something your dog needs.

Thank you for watching, we woof you!

Herky & Milton

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  • Ugh ppl are always telling me my dog is overweight and big. And I ignored it for so long. Then the vet told us she was 3 pounds (at least) over weight. They said this is about 30 pounds in human weight. Now I feel so guilty that she’s overweight and I feel so bad for my baby

  • This is an amazing story, and if you liked this, i hope you can help me with my obese dog, coco. For just $1-2, you would be helping Coco pay for her surgery. Make sure to also spread the word to your friends and family and tell them the same! Thank you. Heres the gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-my-dog-coco-beat-obesity-by-getting-surgery

  • Hello, my TRI cavalier is about 8kg and 19 months old. We found she put a lot of weight on after desexing.
    I gave her Royal Canine puppy till 10 months then switched to Adult. Now she dosen’t eat much of it, the vet told me to give her cooked chicken or beef she spits out the vegetables or rice when I add them. I cant seem to find out how much chicken or beef they should have a day. Tried Barf( Bones and raw food ) but she wouldn’t eat that.
    I am conscious of Willows weight, I can still feel her ribs and she gets a 3 klm walk in the morning and twice a week a run with our on our bikes so reasonable exercise. Will look for freeze dried food here in Tasmania and try it out, thank you.

  • I have a Cav as well and he’s currently 35 pounds :/ I watched your video and it helped a lot! Hoping Max can become healthy weight!!

  • Hopefully you learned a valuable lesson about ignoring people that tell you things because you think they're being mean.

  • heya there guys..
    honestly i guess i should be suprised or anything but..my king charles wights 22 kilograms..we walk every day,actually no,we run everyday! He literally walk whole day long,and somehow he cant lose any kg.

  • Good job, it’s very hard to get an overweight pooch to lose weight. You all rock,

  • you dog is fat

  • Vet also never told me my yorkie was overweight. I changed her portion accidentally when I changed her brand (of raw food) and she dropped weight. When we went for a check up I mentioned how she had dropped about a kilogram (she’s only 3,2 kg, so 1kg is a lot) and vet said “She’s at ideal weight now. She was pudgy before. I had made a note of that in her file.” So she’d made a note but never said anything to me. Maybe because I also don’t take criticism well…

  • When you said you gave Herky 3/4 of food a day, was that total including freeze dry and kibble?

  • I'm sorry I love dogs but i couldn't keep my eyes off you how are you so perfect!

  • My buddy is a cocker spaniel and at 33lbs, vet told me he needs to drop around 5lbs so this video definitely helps. I want my boy to be healthy and live as long as possible so I'm going to work on his diet

  • Sweet babies!!!

  • Omg too cute


  • My 1st Cavalier Lady was slightly smaller than Rorie a Working Cocker Spaniel. Lady was much taller than your Herky. I got her in 92.

  • I loved this video. my dog is on her journey. her favorite treats are frozen green beans! 🙂

  • Very similar to your experience my Cavvy is overweight now. 🙁 I'm changing foods to this brand! Do rotate flavours or stick to the fish?

  • Good for you for being proactive! I’ve had two Cavs (my sweet Lexi died last year from CHF at age 11 😢). My Katie is now almost 14 and has been between 13-15 lbs her whole adult life and I swear it’s due to feeding raw and portion control. She’s also heart clear! 😍

  • I have a one year old cavalier and a 9 month old cavalier and they weigh 23 pounds cavaliers are the best dogs ever and are so cute

  • Looking good Herky! 😘

    Our second Cavalier (rescued) weighted about 30 lb. That was 2 years ago. Now Lotta is weighing about 20 lbs.

    Her energy levels are sooo high nowadays. ❤️

  • Good for her! You and your dogs have such a wonderful bond, I hope I have one as great as yours with my (hopefully soon) future Cavalier. <3

  • Thank you for this video. A lot of cav owners are struggling with this. Your info and encouragement is much more helpful than all the shaming going on from other owners. I am working with polo cutting down the treats and encouraging less time on the couch !

  • helpful

  • Do you and your husband speak fluent French or Quebecois??

  • Will there be another video tommorow😊

  • My fiance and I are thinking of getting a cavalier in the next few months. We are also in Montreal, would you recommend a reputable breeder (or yours)?

  • Can you show us how you dehydrate the food?!

  • He looks underweight now.

  • Do you have any problems with allergies? What do you feed them? My Cav is scratching his ears a lot. I'm trying to find a good hypoallergenic dog food that works and that my dogs will eat.

  • I am 10 years old and I have a cavalier too and I want to make a channel just like yours I was wondering if you can give me some tips on how to make good YouTube videos like yours???!!!

  • Hi Thanking you for sharing your video on your little fur babies feeding. Can you say how you feed them when they waken in the morning. do you feed them straight away? Do they drink straight away,and how many times you feed them daily. Can you say what they eat and drink and treats from rising in the morning till sleeping on a daily routine. Thanking you so much. I too have a little Cavalier.

  • how old is Milton?

  • you look fabulous in this video, so do the dogs ☀💕

  • im getting a cav very very soon! as soon as we found a suitable one, were getting her!

  • Or all of there collars and leashes!

  • Can you do a review of all of there toys video?

  • Love your videos and how good Cavmom you are 🐶🐶👩🏻

  • Raw foods !!! My baby boy does so well for it.

  • I've a Cavalier who's overweight too! Love them so much! You can try out Pronature! Seems to work out really well!

  • Omg I totally believe in the freeze dried raw foods! Lily, my cavalier was super picky too and only ate fully the freeze dried raw foods. Just a pain rehydrating it but it totally was worth it. I’m glad herky was able to loose the weight and be healthy now.

  • Mai is queen 😍

  • Sorry im late… because it was my 11th birthday yesterday😊
    Anyway my dog hayden was acting strange the vet says theres nothing wrong with him and his just a little over weight😯is that normal? Its just that im worried🙁and im gonna try herky's weight lost😄
    I just hope it works on hayden too😊

  • wow thats great can your next video be about what is herky and miltons day in a life

  • there small hunting dogs they need to run and chase at least 1 hour 2 times a day bottom line i know i own them 20 lbs and ripped my girl jessie

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