Heart Rate Zones – Don't Use These Heart Rate Training Zones If You Want To Burn Fat

Heart Rate Zones http://gl12.net/cardiosprawl – CLICK this link to train all 3 of your PROPER heart rate zones, burn more fat and put the fun back in your cardio training with “Cardio Sprawl”.

In this video, Shaun reveals the REAL truth about heart rate zones and proper intensity for maximum fat burning. Some of this is the complete OPPOSITE of what your average personal trainer will tell you (and it’s actually correct).


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  • I knew it. I'm 25 and supposedly my hard zone is 195bpm … I can sustain 198bpm for 35 minutes on the stair climber machine. I doubt this is my actual hard zone.

  • Which is more efficient: 60 mins @130bpm or 3 mins @160bpm?

  • link not found

  • Truth👍🏻😎

  • Do you have any scientific research or studies to support this theory??!!!

  • If u run fast ur using sugar/carbs as fuel, if u run with low heart rate, ur body will learn and use fat as energy… U may burn more calories with high heart rate, but u dont let ur cells use fat as energy… For endurance u have to learn ur body to use fat as energy… Or am i getting it wrong?

  • Hi , u mentioned 10 to 45 seconds bursts of high intensity, how much break after such interval lets say 30 seconds high intensity, 1 minute lowerr and at what heartrate should be that lowerr intensity part, if you understand what i am asking , should i stay in the lower phase 1 minute or until my heartrate drops to a certain level , thank you

  • Agree with these zones. I'm 64 and my actual measure max heart rate is 165. I can run at 150bmp for an entire 10km race. (90%)

  • I was 197 and I even got up to 215lb I'm 5'4 I would get my heart rate 200 beats and even got up to 210 once or two times.. idk what it is but if I don't get up there I feel like I'm not exercising. I'm 180 now but I want to get back down to 140 is it bad that I'm running 12 miles a day and slowly burning fat like .5lb per 2 weeks. I eat ok not perfect I'll cheat here and there. (3 times out of the week) but shouldn't I be burning a lot more fat when I cheat I don't go above 1200 calories. Why am I not losing weight faster ?

  • I am 31, and fat. I used to play football a lot in my 20s. I recently started working out. I walk fast w about 138-140 avg. Bpm, for 30 mins. Last week, I mixed it up a little, I introduced little sprints, 5-10 sec to elevate my heart rate to 170 bpm. Is that good or am I doing wrong?

    It sure feels amazing though.

  • yes I understand that. but what about the weight trainer that gets the intervals during weight work outs like myself n don't want to implement a nother anaerobic work out on the train mill? n  not fall into a catabolic state?  am finding that at 60% 70% percent its to easy for me I think in my case should be like 70% 80% to get that fat burning zone that am looking for. thanks for info I guess the 70% 80% percent is more ideal for me according to my fitness level. I  think the charts refers more towards the beginner's trainees n not the more advance n physically fit individuals…

  • Please answer my question, When i run on the tread mill I do 1 minute intervals at 7.0 mph and slow down and keep doing that as many as I can for 40 minutes….will this help me burn fat?

  • This guy finally answered my question!! Omg, I'm 54 and if I stayed at a HR of 120, that's not breaking a sweat! so now I should go with the new school of thought and for my age, my max should be 150 right?

  • The title is total BS. Any workout is better than none.  Burn fat ?? The fact is  if you have lots of glycogen in your body, Any workout will burn That sugar FIRST, until they all gone, then fat. Tell your "theory" to those in Jewish concentration camp.

  • So do a fasted aerobic in the morning and later do a HIIT?

  • Thank you!!

  • Long winded and I have no idea what you actually recommended…

  • This is useless if you don't already have an aerobic base. I did tons of high intensity work and it got me nowhere

  • Thanks for this. Very motivating too….shooting for the afterburn!

  • The URL link is broken! Great advice, not heard this info before & I've done loads & loads of reading.

  • Thanks for the Video very informative!

  • Great info… I'm a 50 yo spin guy who recently purchased a hr monitor. Thanks!

  • I loved the video.(Excellent!)..and am not into sleep walking as below.

  • Very helpful video….if you suffer insomnia.

  • If you can walk fast and have a 126 heart rate then you are severely lacking an aerobic base. If you did have a solid aerobic system you could run a quick pace at 126. Threshold and anaerobic workouts should be added AFTER a person has spent a good amount of time utilizing low heart rate training to actually build up this base. You might want to look into the Maffetone method and the like if you truly want to be fit and not shortcut yourself.

  • You'll be able to drop 10 pounds in 1 month, and prevent rebound gaining weight by follow a healthy living.

  • Im training as 100M sprinter and im close to 30 yrs old and i need to know wut heart rate i need to do my cardio like cycling  but i dont know which heartrate to heat. Wut is your advice on how often i should do my cardio workout?

  • Oh got please do not be stupid and confuse people. First go 60 minutes to fat burning zone on any machine AND THEN AND THEN GO 60 MINUTES TO WEIGHT TRAINING HEAVY WEIGHT TRANING AND YOU GET ALL BENEFITS BRO.

  • Link doesn't work. V useful vid though.

  • link is broken

  • I'm 43 & I run my half marathons/all my races at 178bpm which is quite high. Would you say this is recommended?

  • thank you.. following that old scale I'm kinda stuck running in place, lmao! Appreciate this.

  • To lose fat safely and effectively, you must have the personalized fat loss plan that customised for just you.

  • thanks for the info, agree fully and you have actual put my mind at ease, I am 39 and when I run, lets say at 12km/h over 10km, my heart rate is averaging 170. I was being lead to believe I had a serious heart condition.

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