Gastric Banding Surgery in Belgium

Having your Gastric Lap Banding Surgery in Belgium has become very common, and Belgium has become one of the medical tourism destinations in Europe for Weight Loss Surgery and especially laparoscopic gastric band surgery.

Why is Belgium a popular Gastric Lap Band Surgery destination in Europe?

1. Huge cost savings: In the UK for example, you may have to pay a whopping £ 9,000 – £ 12,000 for the gastric lap band, whereas the same procedure in Belgium will cost around £ 4,000. Surpisingly with this savings the quality of the gastric banding surgery is not less.

2. Quality of surgery: Belgium has a long been known for an affordable and high quality weight loss surgery medical centers. Laparoscopy, in fact is one of the areas of expertise of Belgian medical tourism for a long time. Gastric Lap Band or Gastric bypass is done by laparoscopy where possible and as this means a reduced stay in hospital, the patients too find this a great choice.

Belgian hospitals have very high standards of hygiene standards and always uses the latest technology. Recently, The World Markets Research Centre put Belgium on top of a list of 175 countries on ratings done for medical purposes, one of the ratings being secondary infection or Staph rates. Belgium’s secondary infection rate was found to be on an average less than 0.5% compared with 10% in the UK.

Belgium has achieved a very high surgical expertise mainly due to the quality of training given to its doctors. Typically their Belgian doctors are trained for a minimum of seven years; for specialists it is 12 years.

3. No need to wait for the surgery: As UK is famous for its waiting on the NHS. In Belgium, you set the date for the surgery, after initial tests are done, surgery is next.

4. Belgium is just around the corner: You can fly, drive down or take a train. With Eurostar offering you quick and convenient train service from London. Major European highways pass through Belgium where Eurolines coaches can easily access from anywhere in Europe.

Laparoscopic gastric lap band surgery in Belgium is one of the popular choices with medical tourists from the UK not only because it is affordable but also because it is very convenient.

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