In 2009, former international model and personal trainer – PAUL PJ JAMES – set out on a life-changing journey of discovery. In order to understand obesity on a personal level and empathize with his overweight clients, PJ decided to gain 50% of his body weight (40kg / 90lbs). By walking a mile in the shoes of his overweight clients, PJ wanted to experience the emotional, psychological and physical effects of obesity, first hand. His 12 month journey from FIT TO FAT AND BACK shocked the world and brought huge awareness to the obesity epidemic. PJ also inspired countless other trainers to follow in his footsteps and gain weight in order to try and understand the struggles of their overweight clients. FIT TO FAT AND BACK is an important and very insightful documentary. Sit back and enjoy the journey!


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  • As a wrestler I do the whole fat and back about twice a year

  • That is unbelievable the way she acted, I hope she has changed her mindset because I have been overweight too.

  • This lady is literally fucking retarded. "Iced tea diet"..

    Listen Linda, drink a gallon of water a day, increase protein, decrease carbs (get them from veggies), train, & STAY CONSISTENT.


  • Michelle is deep, not in the pies, but in denial. Easier for her to blame everybody but herself.

  • I did the fat part pretty well, just waiting on the fit part now…

  • I struggle on the opposite end of the spectrum. I have a hard time gaining weight, I have upped my calorie intake to 3000 cals a day and I still am losing weight. I am going to start seeing a nutritionist. What an amazing journey and transformation you went through!

  • Paul use gear to get cut and then got off the gear to get fat. Then he got back on it to lean up again. Fraud lol

  • If my personal trainer gains weight to show me that I can do it, I'll marry him in a heartbeat.

  • Salite to pj and i got nothing to say about Michelle

  • Michelle started sounding like an SJW with her shit logic at the end. At least she lost some weight.

  • The girl at the end!!! Wow, wasn't expecting that, amazing work, great coaching.

  • wow WOW what an amazing person for putting himself though all this <3 God bless

  • Imo you need to focus on the process, not the numbers. Do the work, results will follow. Overweight people have lived by the numbers, we need to focus on actions, not results…they will follow. Ive been 30% bf, 10% bf and now 30% again.

  • Ok I get it. He looks like Toby Maguire, Zack Efron, David Beckham sheesh. Literally ever comment lol.

  • your video really give a huge impact on me.. tq so much for able to sacrifice yourself for being fattt and then hit back yourself for not giving into despair of being fat.. Loves from Malaysia..

  • I hope Michelle had a talk with Dora at some point. I'm sure she would have gained a lot from that perspective.

    Also, she said that she was slim once and it scared the shit out of her so she gained the weight back. But what I think happened was that she lost it too fast using unhealthy methods and couldn't maintain it anyway.

    For so many of these people their identity is so wrapped up in their fatness. Losing weight literally means losing themselves.

    I wonder what she looks like now.

  • Im in the opposite basket i cannot keep weight. When im over certain mass my body completely shuts down any and all desire to eat, to the point of getting super sick from sight of any food

  • This was fantastic to watch. Very motivating. Thank you for going through this to kind of gain perspective and show others that it can be done.

  • Interesting documentary! Impressive to gain all that weight and then lose it again-even if you are a trainer and have the knowledge and discipline that’s still an impressive feat. It must of been tough sacrificing a ripped body but you earned it back! This should be on Netflix

  • The trick to it is to force yourself to keep at it. That's all. The body holds on to the fat for a long period of time when you start and its a lot longer than you think but please just keep at it and you will start to see a change in about 2-3 months and that motivates you to keep going. Good luck.

  • This is pretty amazing and I don't want to disrespect what the guy is trying to learn, but I fear some may draw the wrong conclusions. The body is constantly trying to maintain homeostasis, and the set point of 'normal' is something that is learned by our bodies over the long term. For someone who's been in great shape for years, even if they gave that up for a while, it's relatively easy to snap back. While for someone who's always been overweight, the body considers the set point to be at 'fat' and will fight constantly to go back to that 'normal'. I'm just pointing out that most people who lose their weight gain it back simply because losing it is not even half the journey, it's more like a quarter or a fifth. Not getting lazy once you've reached your goal and maintaining that level so that it becomes your new normal, that's the real challenge.

  • To everyone who is intimidated and or scared to enter a gym remember this….. those fit people in there were once fat too and felt the same way about the gym.

  • Michelle is so damn annoying. Bet she's still obese

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