Fight Back! 🏆 – Weight Loss Motivation Video

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“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”

Make 2017 your year!


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  • Hi I'm 12 years old as of right now. Since last year I've been dealing with alot of weight insecurities. I'm not obese or something but I'm not your classical "slightly underweight perfect body" a couple girls in my class called me the fattest in our friend group last year and well it hurt more than I thought it would. I've just been struggling with motivation to lose weight I just look in the mirror and I'm sad and I always want to lose weight but never can. I will try to now.

  • that was the best video i have ever seen it has given me

  • From 114 kg to 105.6 kg in 7 weeks

  • Being overweight sucks man
    U see people that are healthy and have a good body make fun of people that are over weight. And if your depressed it sucks even more cause u feel like there’s no change. But one day something is going to click for them. Your not going to be overweight your whole life. Trust me I went down that same path
    Stay blessed guys ☺️

  • Omg. I’ve been where you’ve been. I know the struggle. Not fitting in booths at restaurants, not being able to cross my legs. Such an amazing feeling to change all of those things… Never forget… ❤️🤗

  • I lost 70 lbs in a month and a half just by walking 70 hours a week. However i'm now what people call "skinny fat" I have muscle but it's covered with a little bit of fat. So now i'm gonna have to crank up the heat and burn the fat off. I just can't find the motivation to get that rocking 6 pack.

  • i'm 12, and i'm 189 pounds. i'm ready to turn my life around and get my life back. i'm ready to stop crying every night because of my looks. i'm READY to become the TRUE me. i will NO LONGER say "I'll do it tomorrow." but INSTEAD, I'll say I'LL DO IT TODAY. I AM READY TO NOT HAVE A DOUBLE CHIN, I'M READY TO WEAR A BIKINI IN PUBLIC. I AM READY TO LOOSE THIS STUPID WEIGHT. I WILL NO LONGER WANT TO BECOME 110 pounds, I WANT TO BECOME 110 POUNDS AND MUSCULAR. i am ready to rely on God.

  • #SnakeDiet

  • Wow. I think it is amazing how different the whole person looks with different weight. This is why I wanna lose weight until I look like WHO I AM.

  • :/ impossible for me

  • Fousey tube? PLEASE MAN:::: in a motivational video?


  • I ate KFC like an hour ago. No more. Gotta be better

  • Love you bro

  • Anyone watching this while eating junk food

  • I’m 15 and have been struggling with obesity since I was 10 and I’ve been bullied because of it, it’s been hard. I’ve heard the same advice but I have no motivation at all. Food is my comfort, my depression is closing in on me it seems like and I haven’t gone out in public in a month because I’m so embarrassed.. sorry for venting I am just so stressed out. I just want to feel beautiful and no matter how hard I try to love the body I’m in i can’t so I’m gonna try my hardest to get this weight off. I’m gonna exercise to the point of where I can’t take it and I’m gonna eat healthy and do everything right.. again.. let’s see how this goes

  • Everyone is saying that the 2nd guy is extreme and stuff but if I changed that much I'd be bouncing off the walls as well. I'd show the world they could do it.

  • Fousey did roids cringe worthy lmao

    I CAN DO THIS !!!!!!!!!!!

  • I will i can i surely can do it 🤘💪💪


  • Watching this while eating a pack of corn nuts

  • God give me a Hope 🙏

  • Im 13 and weighted myself four days ago I weighted 207 pounds, which I knew in a point that I was really bad in obesity. I’m disgusted by the way I look, these passed 3 days I been running 1 mile or more burning 200 calories but I feel like that’s not enough.. any tips?

  • First guy is ObeseToBeast! He's AWESOME and very inspiring. He has a Peter Parker personality lol. Sub to his YT channel!

  • I will lose weight and also join the military,navy

  • I have been thin when I was young but weight added on as years came on I'm 14 weighing 230 pounds. I look like I weigh less than that but I'm not. I AM changing I don't want to lose happiness and self esteem because of my weight. I will change and I hope you will to cause I'm so happy at myself for doing something about my weight instead of having acceptance over it. nothing is easy but we can do it!

  • I suffered with depression at a verry young age, no one new i had lods of frainds and a grait life iv alwase been a skinny kid but for some reason I thought being skinny means being beautiful. So I never eat simple. At the age of 11 I woke up in hospital me mum said to me that I was ill and I was anorexic. I was fighting frew an eating disorder.. I started eating and thinking why did I do this to my self. When I went on yt there were so Manny vids on my feed about ugina clooney I rilised I must have been jelly of her or something right…?? On my 12th I was still not eating properly me and my sister always fell out. She used to say stop killing ur self if u don't start eating it will be to laight…. I'm 14 naw and I put on weight n I can't stand my self again I don't want to put me or my family frew that again.. but I need to lose weight. When u get up in the morning and sceard to get in the shower or get changed even look in the mirror i honest macke my self sick. Everyone tells me I'm to skinny for my age and I'm not over weight but Ik I am and I need to lose it again. And I will do ANNYTHING to get rid of it

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