Eating Carbs For Weight loss?! | Vlog: COOK WITH ME! + JW PEI Vegan Backpack

Heyy subbies

Here’s another weekend vlog where I’m back on track with a healthy diet after the whole 10,000 calorie challenge

Watch here:

Just a quick chat on whether or not I eat carbs and what way works best for me in terms of losing weight and not looking so puffy/bloated!!

Maxines youtube:
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hahaha how ironic of me putting my weight loss video link

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  • Reducing my bread intake is something I struggle with. I keep on telling myself to at least try not eat to bread for a week, but my parents keep on buying them, and I can't keep my hands off them. Hehehe.

  • People need to calm down. If she wasn't eating enough food, she would never be able to maintain such muscle mass. She isn't huge or anything, but muscle burns like shredded wooden shards. She would look like a stick if she was eating too little.

  • Hi Susana!
    May I ask what is your blood type?

  • I cut my avocados into three segments, that way they just fall off the pip with no issue 🙂

  • Yaaaaaaas i really needed this you know

  • She ate a lot for her tiny body. If she put on more muscle she would have/obviously eat more. Idk why people are judging her. She looks healthy to me. Only thing I would add is maybe she should incorporate heavy lifting for 3 months and then cut again.

  • Do anyone feel like her boyfriend look like the one guy from buzzfeed? Just personal opinion haha

  • How do you have so much willpower to resist tasty restaurant food?!

  • Where do u get those f45 shirts

  • Will Be better if your video come with English subtitle , so that I can improve my English too 😂

  • Much respect

  • Do you live in Hong Kong? Your english is Amazing!! Sorry I’m a new subbie from the states and I’m chinese as well !

  • I love your cooking vlogs!!! please share more receipes thank you

  • Haha I love how you give your bae chores 😂!

  • Watching your videos is helping me recover from Anorexia. I’m going to try and become fit and healthy 🙂

  • I have seen so many people get/feel sick from eating paleo long term, it is not a very sustainable diet…I think you start picking up weight when eating carbs like rice and bread because your body is just not use to the amount of calories/starch and people usually start picking up weight because the carbs are being mixed with high fat foods such as eggs, oils and meats…anyway love your videos, they are really fun to watch

  • You are amazing I swear

  • Saturday school probs

  • lol, what's the song at 11:50?

  • I love your videos! I found you because I was looking for videos on F45. Here in San Diego, CA and it's just so cool that F45 has such a nice global family. Love your videos!

  • Hey I love bread too but I'm trying to eat the less carbs possible because I feel better like this! Try this easy low carb single serving bread recipe : 2 tbs of almond flour + 10g of butter(or any oil)+ 1/2 tsp of baking powder + 1 egg = mix in a small square container and cook in the microwave for 80-90 sec. Only 1,5 net carb! 
    Love your videos 😀

  • I absolutely love, love, love your channel, especially the meal ideas! Keep the videos coming!

  • Hi babe! I am 152cm and 42 Kg.I can totally relate omg. I gain weight whenever I try to introduce more carbohydrates into my diet. I used to binge on bread ( I know it’s bad to binge) so I would rather cut them out than binging because the feeling sucks!:( people often say I have a bad relationship with food because I restrict and limit myself on certain foods:/ They don’t understand my daily struggles of feeling the water weight, puffiness., etc hahaha

  • but ur soo thin .. do u think ur relationship with food / body image is a bit messsed up from being heavier in the past?? doesnt seem like you see yourself how we see you?

  • enjoy watching your videos. I appreciate your transparency on your diet regardless of judgmental viewers but your approach makes sense to me. From your videos I got back to meal prepping again (saves a lot of bucks for me from eating out, haha). Also love your chemistry with your bf, his straight face is funnily entertaining lol.

    quick question: you don't drink coffee or tea in the morning or afternoon. almost everybody does and I'm addicted to coffee. If not for this addiction, I can cut down on the added sugar and cream that goes into my coffee and tea. I'm currently at school. So when you were at school, how often did you workout? while on semester, I don't get to workout 6 days a week so I feel bad mostly for not getting to do my cardio regiments. 


  • is there a reason why you don't use oil in your cooking?

  • Idk why people are saying you don't eat enough when you're eating healthy portion sizes and your dinner (drumstick+tons of fresh veggies) looks more than enough. Love from Texas xoxo

  • Hi Susanna, I enjoy watching your videos so much because you give a sort of representation of an everyday gal. our videos are so relatable and inspiring at the same time. I'm just curious what camera you use for vlogging?

  • omg you are from hk as wellllll!! so good to see some healthy lifestyle vloggers from hk

  • That chicken you cooked for dinner looked good.. Although I would usually steam some veg with my dinner.. Broccoli, cauliflower for the most part..

  • Wow.. Looks like you're going to be bulking on mooncakes..!! haha.. And that egg and shrimp looked good..

    I have to say carbs are almost my kryptonite as well.. LOVE baked goods, rice and potatoes.. Although I don't eat as much white bread or pasta as before. I was ADDICTED to sugar and refined carbs before..

    LOVE choi sum or gai lan.. but I would most likely eat it with.. rice.. haha.. Wanting to try low carb or keto, but the discipline is lacking at the moment..

    Glad to read that you don't count calories or macros.. I would LOVE to be able to do that, but my diet isn't nearly as clean as it can be.. Sad to say, but there are bad influences in the home and it's been like that my entire life. I would literally need to move and I would if I could.. haha..

    What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting or 24-48-72 hour fasts..?? Or even longer..?? I've been on I.F. for two years now and I think it has definitely helped with maintaining weight and having a lot more stable blood sugar.. Even though I still need to cut..

    Oh, and *SUBB'DDDD*!!

    And did you really eat your own boogers..!?!? =) >_< O_O

  • 50,000th subscriber

  • New sub!!! Just watched a bunch of your videos, love how motivated and hardworking you are!!! Literally need that in my life help 🤧
    I feel like u and ur bf kinda look alike LOL the 夫妻相 is on point 😉😉

  • It is not like Susanna is forcing everyone to follow her diet. So many know it all in youtube LOL. It is the lifestyle she chose. And she does not look sickly or skinny so I don't get all this concerns LMAO. I would have understand the concern if she looks anorexic but she is not. Seems to me some are just jealous she can eat this little and be full and then be able to exercise regularly. This concerns about her seems like passive aggressive to me

  • After subscribing to your channel and watching your videos I now know the difference between losing weight and losing fat and I'm struggling to lose fat but you are a huge motivation so thank you for your tips. 💪😊

  • Omg same i CANT STOP eating bread!!

  • My body is the same if I eat to much carbs my weight goes up🤷🏻‍♀️ And I put the weight on my face which is how I notice

  • Maybe you believe breads and carbs make you gain weight because you're eating such a calorie restrictive looking diet. Your videos look like you're almost afraid to eat these foods and even fat and I just don't really think it's healthy/sustainable lifestyle to show to potential impressionable viewers who will also be afraid to eat carbs which are what give our bodies energy. I understand you don't show your entire life on YouTube but just a little thought

  • I love your videos! Can you type out your meals so they're easier to follow? 🙂 I pause the video and try to count/guesstimate how many egg whites there are. Would there be any difference with using liquid egg whites vs eggs? I feel that picking out avocados are difficult and all the ones at the supermarket are hard and not ripe yet

  • A weird question maybe, but how do you plan your hair washing days with your workouts? Or do you wash your hair every time after workouts? This is always such a struggle for me :'') Btw loveee your videos !! x love from the Netherlands

  • nice place!☯🎃

  • hi Susana! thanks again for the video!
    since when did you do meal prep?
    like i am doing cardio and weight lifting now, i am getting leaner, but i cant handle it with uni and paleo style diet (it doesnt give me energy) and my stomach is too weak for coffee 🙁
    i got a lot of cravings and badmood if i do mealprep
    i get so obsessed seeing the progress in me, so i can even go to gym twice a day lol

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