Easy 6-Minute Home Exercises to Lose Weight

Here are some easy exercises you can try at home to lose weight without wasting your time and money on a gym subscription. No added equipment is required.

1. Running at place
This is a simple exercise just like jogging. Stand straight with your legs shoulder-distance apart. Now try to run by lifting your bent knees and marching movement of your flexed arms by staying at the same place. Do it for at least 45 seconds.

2. Plank slaps
Lay down on the mat with your face towards the ground and lift your body upwards with the help of your feet and palms. Straighten your arm and legs by extending your elbow and knee joints. In the next step, lift your one hand and slap your opposite biceps or arm muscle with your palm and bring it back to the starting position. Now alternate the palm and slap the opposite arm and continue this exercise for 20 reps.

3. High knee jacks
Stand up straight with your legs at shoulder’s distance apart. Now lift one of your legs flexing at knee joint above near your chest and clap with your hands beneath your thigh of the lifted leg. Now repeat the same with the alternative leg. Complete 20 reps.

4. Supermans
Lay on the mat facing towards the ground with whole-body touching the ground. Flatten your arms straight on the floor above your head touching the ground and your feet straight with your knees touching the ground. Now try to lift your legs and arms as above as you can without flexing them supporting your body on your belly and stretch your body. Then go back to the starting position and complete at least 20 reps and take some rest.

5. Lateral steps
Stand straight with your legs at double the distance apart from your shoulder. Now bring your left leg behind some distance away from your right leg and touch the floor with your toes and then take your leg back to the starting position. Now alternate same with your right legs. Continue this alternating movement of your limbs for 40 reps.

6. Knee push-ups
In this exercise again shape yourself in plants position as described above and touch your knees to the ground and lift your legs in the air. Support your body with the outstretched arms with palms touching the ground. Now to begin with this exercise flex your elbow joint and try to come as close to the ground as you can without touching the mat and then lift your body back to the starting position. Repeat it for about 20 reps.

7. Lateral step reach
Stand up with your legs apart at almost double the distance of your shoulders. Put both of your arms straight above your head in the air. Now try to reach the opposite side of the leg with your opposite hand and then alternate the limbs. Do it for 20 reps and take some break for a minute in which try to take some deep breaths focusing on inhalation and expiration of your breathing.

8. Lunges
stand straight with your legs apart at shoulder’s distance and then move one of your legs forward and bend knees at 90 degrees making sure the previous knee doesn’t touch the floor. Do the same for the opposite leg and repeat for 20 reps.
These are some easy exercises you can do by taking out some time from your busy schedule to lose weight.

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