Do Refeeds Raise Your Metabolism & Promote Weight Loss? (Leptin Science)

This video discusses the science behind carbohydrate refeeds, changes in leptin levels and the impact on weight loss.

Can carbohydrate refeeds speed up your metabolism?

Do the changes in leptin levels promote faster weight loss?

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– Revisiting leptin’s role in obesity and weight loss
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– Body composition and endocrine profile of male Olympic athletes striving for leanness.
– Effect of fasting, refeeding, and dietary fat restriction on plasma leptin levels.
– Low-dose leptin reverses skeletal muscle, autonomic, and neuroendocrine adaptations to maintenance of reduced weight
– Role of leptin in the neuroendocrine response to fasting.
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– The Biology of Human Starvation

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  • great video. I know that personally ( yes everyones different ) after I have a cheat meal I lose more weight over the next 5 days if I hadnt had a cheat meal. ( while in a cutting diet )

  • Thank you too!

  • Can you please do a vid on training frequency. Brad Schoenfeld recently posted on insta stating that frequency doesn’t matter, it’s total volume that does. In the past, everyone banged on about hitting each muscle 2x a week. So what does the research actually say?

  • great vid dude. I have experimented extensively with refeeds for years. anecdotally, i can say that for me they serve to increase gym performance greatly the day following and allow me to keep improving strengrh while in a defecit. As for fat loss, unless already very lean they have not been useful for me and often descend into full scale binging and lead to a bad relationship with food in general.

    Personally, as a natural lifter they have been a fantastic way to hold onto muscle when dieting but you do need to be strict, mentally strong and ensure weekly calories are in check. I usually have 5 low days 1 refeed and 1 maintainance (ish) day. i only use as a tool to get under 10% body fat or so which is when i see the most muscle loss.

  • One of the most underrated fitness channels here on Youtube. I wish you gain more subs soon man. Great video!

  • Short and precise knowledge…

  • Great, got my dose of brain gainz. Loved it man!

  • Your best vid in a long time ✊

  • Highly informative video Ben 👍👍

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