Dealing with Depression During and After Weight Loss

Dealing with Depression
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  • Your video's are positive and I don't always comment but I watch all the time 👍 and I look back a your food prep to see what you did to lose weight stay focus on you and you will be great 💯😊❤

  • Hi. I'm just now viewing this video. Just to let you know, your videos are very helpful. I just started intermittent fasting and you have been a great deal of help to me. I never comment but I am watching. I like your videos because I can relate to them. New subscriber. Thanks so much for the tips, ideas and for being so real.

  • Trust me, your journey is helpful to us! We watch on the low. 😃

    You’re amazing!


  • Please never think you aren't helping anyone because you are. I don't comment too often,but please do go..

  • Kimonica, Thank you for EVERYTHING that you've done and continue to do. Please don't stop. I also don't comment and I apologize for that. You have really help me as well as MANY other people. I have been off and on my journey but when I need someone to inspire me to get focused and to get it together. YOU are my Shero!!! Thanks for ALL you do!!! My God bless you, ME and us ALL on our Journeys. Aameen 😘

    If you were in Florida you would be my bestie you don't know it but you would be lol and you would be sick and tired of me thanking you. And wanting to be in constant contact so that we may encourage each other. Bottom line THANK YOU!!!

  • Your journey is very helpful. I dobt comment like tgat but j watch you allll day. I look forward to hearing from You. I'm so proud of you..

  • Kimonica your journey gives me hope. Your honesty gives me hope. Your courage to face issues that have plagued you a long time gives me hope I can too.

  • Hallo from Germany Kimonika! First I want to say you are a very brave woman! You have much to be proud of. I really enjoy watching your videos, and they help me so much. I feel I am not alone… You are very honest and I feel like an old friend is talking to me. Do always what you need to do for you. Your life is your life. It is great to help others, but when it gets to a point where you are not happy, or stressed, maybe a break is good. The people who you help will understand. The haters, are just critics…. It is easy to criticize when they have nothing to give accept hate. We are in this world together. I am so proud of you. And you are also not alone…. Many people including me have similar issues. I am trying to learn myself, "do not care what other people think" pretty sure that is what it all boils down to. You are a warrior! See all you have accomplished and how many people you have helped, even though they may not always tell you. You are a huge light 🌞 in this world ❣️

  • Girrrl U God sent ,ur beautiful and strong ,tears are just watering your soul ..Don't lean on your understanding ,but believe and trust God for everything ..Somethings are not meant to figure out Psalm 46:10 says Be still And know that I'm God ..We only battle with things when we try to control everything ..U have help Sooo many ppl …Believe me you help me ..I see that you're beautiful, and I hope you see who you are too..God brought you from a dark place he could've took u and me but he knew u would inspire ppl..Don't look at nothing but what's in front ,graduation ,weight lost u are soo beautiful..Stop and say these words here ..God let your will be done ..Just say Thank you Jesus for my journey..Plz keep on going on ..Ur appreciated by me and so many ..Love you Girl and stay strong ..Someone needs you

  • This was very helpful. 👍🏽as always. I'd be sad if you left‼️❤️

  • Ive been drawing so much inspiration. from you! I hope you choose to stay on utube.You are very special and God has used. you in a marvelous. way.

  • I'm diagnosed with several mental illnesses and have endured many challenges on my weight loss journey these last 18 months. Depressive episodes have been the most difficult because low mood makes me anxiously binge eat. I've plateaued and gained weight here and there. But I have lost a total of 80 pounds with 20 more to go. You are beautiful and glowing. Vulnerability is not a weakness. It's called being transparent and that's okay. Congrats on all of your success and congrats on graduation!

  • She reminds me of Cheryl Underwood.

  • Very helpful video we all have our moments and fears it really helps to talk and receive encouragement like this you feel better and continue to strive for your goals, you know how we say we are going through that means there is another side it's only temporary. I wish you the best Kimonica I am so proud of your accomplishments.

  • I love how you're so open with everything ! I've just started watching you! I've just started my weight lost journey so I've been looking at YouTube videos to help me out! Thank You for posting your videos. I know life goes on & things happen but if you can, please keep posting !

  • Prayer works and helps me get through Everything! The same way you talk to the camera is the same way I talk to God, because he understands our pain. God has been my lover, my friend, my confidant, he'll get you through and make a way out of no way. I've been there girl, and I'm a witness that while we're trying to figure it out, God has already worked it out. I like the fact that you stayed positive & know that this is temporary, that thought always helps my situation make sense. I'm just starting my journey and I Love your videos! I hope you continue to make them! Take care & God Bless!

  • I totally know how you feel about relationship stuff, I feel the same way…I think I have been dealing with some stuff that I usually wouldn't deal with but I'm not trying to over think things and stay positive

  • Luv your vid they have helped me so much. I need to comment more you are an inspiration Thank you.

  • Kim your videos are helping me. You are an inspiration. I don't typically respond a lot to videos. But please know that your videos are helping me and others. So please keep doing what you do. Thank you for sharing your journey. God Bless.

  • Your journey has been inspirational please keep it up

  • Check your insurance they should pay for some of the surgeries.

  • I have watched you from the beginning … from when you were bigger than me and now you are WAAAAY smaller than me … you are awesome and I need some awesome to rub off on me 😫

  • Thank you for doing this I needed this right now

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