DATING After Weight Loss | Do Men AND Women Treat Me Differently?!

★Hey guys! Today I’m talking to you about dating after weight loss and if men and how men and women treated me differently when I lost weight! Let me know if you can relate. Don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe! Love yall!★


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  • Yo i love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂

  • I love this. Thanks!!

  • You have me on the floor! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Too funny! I love everything your saying. I am the same person and I hope everyone understands that. Blessings to you! 🙏🏾😊

  • Good advice.

  • I can completely identify with you. You delivered your video with humor and wit. Love ur personality. 😊

  • I don't really have problems with men not approaching me, and I'm big. So I'm interested in seeing how much things will change when I get smaller. But nonetheless I'm excited to go on this journey.

  • When I tell you I relate to this video 1000%. You are speaking so many truths. I feel ALL of the things you are saying, I just didn’t know how to put it into words. I’m in the process of my weightloss journey and your views on standards of beauty are spot on. I just appreciate this video so much. You’re such an inspiration.

  • do you have any idea how awesome you are? omg, u probably do… still, I just fell I should say it out loud… to celebrate you… for how awesome and beautiful and good of a person you are! you inspire me! and I'm so grateful!

  • Thank u hunny! I love your videos and l need your encouragement and yeah l been around those types of miserable people

  • The video presence you have is amazing, I subscribed 2 mins in

  • You are right. Losing the weight for “yourself” makes it easier, when you start to compare you lose yourself in juxtaposition. Right now, my goal is being able to run without risking anything. 20 pounds down and many more to go. Woo!

  • I mean. You can hate the standard, but healthy people look better. You can love yourself as a person, but there's no rule you have love your body. If you don't like it, fix it. But then don't come back and bitch about society, acting if society was just more tolerant you wouldn't have to worry about weight loss. Keep it real. Thin ( not bones) looks better and is more healthy. That's why you worked so hard to loose weight.

    This former fat girl BS, preaching to other women to "love" yourself as you are while you put in the hard work to change yourself makes you a hypocrite. You look good, and yes, you look better than your before pic, but I guess you're not suppose to say that. Because we all have to lie to former fat people and say " you've always been pretty." You may have always been a good hearted person, but pretty? Depends.

    When I lost weight people told me I looked better. And I responded " good" or what's the point. I get more attention and treated better and I'm not complaining. This rant is all about your video, but a theme I keep seeing in videos under this topic.

  • OMG you were beautiful before, but now look even more beautiful because you seem happier and it radiates. This video meant a lot to me as I have just lost a lot of weight too and have just begun weight training. You're absolutely beautiful. May God bless you.

  • I love her

  • great video

  • What year did you lost all that weight you looking good

  • Thank you so much! You brought to light many things that have happened to me during my weight loss journey.

    I was always confused why my female friends became rude, catty and moody towards me for no apparent reason. I was still the same person I always was…?
    I tried very hard to appease them and found out they were talking negatively behind my back. Even though I had left the friend group and have not gone back, there were still deep fissures of confusion, fear and pain that followed me to this day.

    I feel so much BETTER about my self right now. I hope anyone watching this video unveils a wonderful part of themselves they thought they had lost, or lost sight of. Or to recognise their light. To pick it up and continue being fantastic!

    Keep Strong! <3

  • You are funny

  • OMG you are very beautiful

  • Actually I think you lost a little too much weight. Your face looked better with a little more fat.

  • Your great I love you girl 👍👍👍

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