Buying a Fitness Tracker to Lose Weight?

Want to lose weight, or are you trying to get in shape? Chances are, you’ve thought about getting a fitness tracker. There are some things you should know before you go out and buy, so I’m here to help!

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Personally, I just bought a Fitbit Charge, since it was on sale.

I bought a small, but I recommend the Black/Large Version

Fitbit also has a few other fitness trackers you may want to check out:

Fitbit Flex:

Avoid this one doesn’t have a display, so you’ll need to rely on your smart phone for information. Right now it’s going for the same price as the Fitbit Charge, so definitely not worth it.

Fitbit Charge HR:

If you absolutely need heart rate monitoring, then go with the Fitbit Charge HR. It’s much more expensive than the Fitbit Charge, so you really need to decide if that’s an option you must have.

Fitbit Surge:

This is the, current, high-end Fitbit. It not only has all the functions of the Fitbit Charge HR, but also has GPS Tracking, so it can measure your pace and elevation.

Fitbit is now entering the smart watch game and is doing an interesting Apple Watch Impression. It’s called the Fitbit Blaze and retails for half the price of an Apple Watch. It was announced this week at CES 2016, and looks like you can pre-order it now and have it by March.

Some other great fitness trackers you may want to check out:

Garmin’s Vivofit Activity Tracker:

TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch:

Jawbone UP2 Activity Tracker:


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  • Hi I love my Fitbit Alta and I do go all out and I track my food and water I track my food on my fitness pal

  • If i may give my opinion. If you are looking for a fitness tracker in the range of $200 – $250 (CAD) get the polar a360. It does all the things the fitbit charge 2 does while being waterproof and having a battery life of 7-12 days. Yhat said their are some problems with the polar such as it doesnt count your heart rate every second like fitbit does, it only counts it during activities, and the social aspect to polar isnt as big as it is with fitbit.

    If you are looking for a gps fitness tracker then the Vivoactive Hr is perfect for you. Its really a hybrid of both a smart watch and a fitness tracker. It has a lot of coustumization, and has a crap ton of sports to choose from.

  • Hi, it seems as if you are just getting started on YouTube. And I must say that you are doing a great job. You're informative, you get to the point and you even help the viewer out by showing notes visually. thanks for the video! good luck on your journey 😊

  • Dope video!

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