BRAND NEW MAGIC WEIGHT LOSS DIET | If You Cannot Cook it Do Not Eat It

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  • I make my own bread with chickpea flour.

  • I like the videos, but the amount of swearing puts me off so much.

  • … I'm a baker and I know how to make pizza, bread, cheesecake, cake, french fries, Alfredo sauce, bagels, pizza sauce…….

    I also know how to make whipcream and butter…..

  • This is honestly 400 IQ. This is on another level.

  • Yeah but, rice cakes and diet soda is life during a cut😩😩😩😩

  • Now I need to find a way to make imitation crab, because I can't afford real crab. I like this idea very much though. I have been doing this for a few weeks now.

  • Bread isn't easy to make?! 😂 Two words: Beer Bread.
    So easy to make, and all you need is bread flour and a can of lager!

  • I'm off to make a tonne of pasta, just need egg, flour, water, salt and tomatoes haha

  • 😂🤣😂🤣 great idea!!!

  • The earth can't sustain 60 billion land animals destroying earth.

  • Luckily I can make pasta so I don't have to stop having it. But seriously though, cooking isn't even that hard to learn. It's mainly just following directions (if you're looking up a recipe on the internet or on the box of a "raw ingredient"), paying attention to timing and seeing if the food is still raw/hard, and not making a dumb mistake.

  • Alan, you're the Gordon Ramsay of the fitness community. 😂 You keep it so honest and I live for it!

  • Time to roast myself a whole hog xD

  • Mannnnn I’m so glad my grandmother taught me how to make sweet potato pie from scratch. That’s all I’m gonna eat now lol.

  • So eggs, meats, fish, and vegetables only

  • 1) Bread, pasta and pizza dough aren't that hard to make.
    2) It's called baking bread, not cooking bread.
    3) Pasta isn't that unhealthy, it''s just that people are lacking portion control.
    4) Otherwise I agree with you completely.

  • I'm 42 years old, 6ft 1" and weigh 83kg (182 pounds), and spend all year round at or close to 10% body fat. I lift 7 days a week & throw in a half hr of HIIT on the spin bike most days but my nutrition plays the biggest part, my grocery list goes like this
    Brown rice
    Brussel sprouts
    Chicken breast
    The only milk I have is in my coffee & I eat little to zero bread. Anyone can do it, just eat plain unpackaged food. Food is for fuel, not for your enjoyment.
    Oh and count your calories!!

  • I make my own Greek Yogurt and it is better than store bought.

  • Okay but fresh pasta is easy and delicious. The real problem is stopping lol

  • I’m a college student who lives on campus. Hot plates are not allowed and there are not a lot of healthy alternatives. I am in Pittsburgh which is a food desert. I would love of you could address in a video how to lose weight( I have about 60lbs to lose) and stay healthy in this type of environment. If you can’t make a video I understand but I would love for you to address it in some way. Thanks. Love your channel.

  • To be fair, I make three loaves of bread in about three hours. Lasts my super skinny crew several weeks.

    Do I eat it? Nope. Only really processed food I eat I make (cottage cheese, etc). Maybe cheese I buy lol

  • Jen Heward said this also. For over 3 yrs, I've cooked most of my own meals.

  • This is an awesome idea! I love cooking I’m going to figure out how to make some bomb gluten free, vegan, bagels 🥯— new goal set thank you

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