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The simple foods that we have been eating for the past 6 years on our weight loss journey don’t have to be boring or tasteless. By making simple changes to our diet and thinking outside the box we have made our meal prep and plan sustainable and tasty! We have lost 130 pounds each and kept it off and you can too!

Once again thank you so much for watching & we appreciate all the support!

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  • These are the staple must have foods for our weight loss journey! Thanks for watching everyone! Love the Collets!!

  • I like all of these ideas. I have found that when I eat cooked spinach, I feel like it leaves a weird coating on my teeth. However, when I eat it raw in salads, it's completely normal. I think I am weird. Thank you for doing these videos. They are informative and entertaining. Nicole, what is the history behind the "doom" portion of the video? They are hilarious! So far it's been cucumber eyes of doom, Jello eyes of doom, spiffy hair of doom…I'm sure there's more but you are hilarious.

  • How do you get your book to get your rest in peace can you tell me this tell me how to get your recipes and the bully you're talkin about thank you hope to hear from you guys

  • I love the concept of 'premium gas'. So clever.

  • zucchini lasagna ❤

  • I’m eating more healthy fats like avocado, nuts and seeds. 🌴☘️🌹🌎🥥🥡

  • I’m vegetarian 🌱 and going vegan soon! 🎀👙🦋🌸

  • My favorite salad dressing is wish bone bacon thousand island.🎸🎹🎻🛩🏖🏡📸🛋🎈🧸

  • I don’t ever see you guys mention steak or shrimp. Is that ok to eat?

  • is it possible to tag the video where you talk more in depth about your vitamins for pcos.

  • Wow you guys are awesome. Just found you…Real People, Real Food, Real Results. Nothing is better than that. I have a recipe for a fake Jimmy Dean sausage Patty using ground turkey. My go to breakfast meet now or whenever…so tasty. Slow and steady wins the race. I am now doing portion control and YouTube for advice like yours and for exercise. It is working. P. S. Love that you are fellow Canadians❤

  • You guys rock thank u so much 😚

  • No offense but these foods all sound really gross. There are so many more healthier options out there for you.

  • I have tried so long to loose weight and it never works. You have gave me so many good ideas. Thank you!

  • Hi guys! I just remembered to buy a food scale at Bed Bath n Beyond so I can portion my food correctly! For so long I've been over loading my plate with tons of fatty egg rolls, fried rice, chocolate lava cake, rocky road, n french fries. I want to make a change for 2019! I want to be shredded for summer! I'm going vegetarian n then Vegan more for health reasons. Mainly cuz it eliminates acid reflux for me. I'm turning the big 47 on February 16th, just two days after Valentine's Day! I've decided to make a change to try to get my body fat down to 16% in 6 months. Hopefully, by the 4th of July, I will see a big change for the better! I'm going to take before n after pictures to track my results. Also, I'm going to hire a very expensive trainer at Gold's Gym, cuz I know I can't get there alone! You guys have been a true inspiration! I like how you're dedicated to health, fitness, and wellness! 💪💖🐶

  • Great video! Can you do a video on the cottage cheese ideas & how to hide the texture. Loved that idea but I need to see how!

  • Have you heard of Probiotics and Prebiotics and how they can greatly impact your weight and health?

  • Awesome video! Can you do a video on portion control for someone just starting out? Like how much of what I should be eating? Portion control is the hardest thing for me.

  • We use the same yogurt, but we use peanut butter and jam. I also started using unsweetened apple sauce. Think I’ll try it in the cottage cheese!

  • Thank you for sharing the ideas. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Please tell me were you bought your cute Mickey Mouse shirt. I found a Christmas Mickey shirt.

  • Great advice guys

  • Y'all are so awesome! Great video

  • Great video thanks for the tip with cottage cheese never would’ve thought of that.

  • Great video.

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