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Sorry this is a little later than my usual Sunday upload everyone thank you for your patience! Since I am now on 10k WOOOOO THANK YOU! I will be starting to make my ‘my personal transformation video! Thank you for al your support, you are all amaze.

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  • Can you edit the video

  • thank you so much for this ! love your content so honest !

  • wasn't your stomach at the end just a little food baby? because if it was a flare up, i wish i could look like that. when a flare up from eating fodmaps, i look like a damn balloon for about 5 or 6 days

  • Bla bla bla

  • I can relate to whatever you are saying. I have IBS D for 6 years now. I'm also trying to build muscle and gain weight, which i have been doing a great job. I've learned so much over the past years about my own body what triggers symptoms and all other important stuff. I just wanna say I'm very glad to be able to find someone liks you who i can relate to so much and I'm not alone. It's tough but we need to get tougher to be better Every single day. I'm subscribing and following. Thanks.

  • For fucks sake, every female youtuber can't get to the fucking point. 14 minutes of my life wasted for 1 minute of content. Christ almighty. Just. get. to. the. fucking. point. If you want to harp on about your personal life, call your videos "vlog" or something along those lines.

  • I have to take buscopan with my ibs

  • IBSians👦❤

  • Thank you, I thought I am alone in this condition. I'm a bit better taking Mebeverine and planning to start going to the gym.

  • I lift heavy and it seems as though dead lifts cause flare ups. I was wondering if you have any issues with certain exercises and flare ups.

  • Hi Bethany – I can totally relate, and while looking for a solution I stumbled upon your video. Ive been trying to gain weight and muscle for many years now, but Ive only been consistent on diet for the last 3 months straight – and ive noticed my belly bloating. It's quite weird cause I'm skinny/ripped and theres a bit of a belly going on. Is that all food? Or can we addition ab exercises and make it run away?
    Really like the way you talk btw

  • Wow shes drop dead beautiful :)! You don’t have to worry about looking good !

  • I love your videos i find them so helpful. I also love that you are wearing a pug shirt!

  • Everything is a flare for me, ibs has been a problem for me since I was a child (8-9 years old) I'm nearly 21 and it's just gotten worse progressively since then.

  • Ibs in weight loss

  • Beginner kiddie problems

  • Hey. For ibs, what did you do for protein shake and pre post work out drinks?

  • I have the worst ibs. I think. I'm always bloated. I only use the washroom once every couple weeks it's super frikken bad and it's very uncomfortable and it makes it extremely hard
    To keep up with working out 🙁

  • you are absolutely beautiful

  • OMG Ijust found your channel girl, I relate so much to your problems! Thank you so much for clarifying this topic! Loving your content! Kiss Kiss <3

  • You're so pretty☺☺☺☺

  • ABS 😉


  • Amazing!! I was looking for some people with ibs iifym and bbuilding. Nice videos:)

  • The thing is, as a guy, if I want to build muscle and strength, keep the weight on the bar going up, and build overall athleticism, I have no choice but to eat animal products (and lots of them). The vegan diet does not support the caloric demand necessitated by such a form of training. So I have a choice, either give up on the training or deal with the IBS. Perhaps starting a supplementary probiotic regimen will help.

  • Whoa…. I came here to learn about IBS but got easily distracted.

  • song?

  • I'd just like to say that a few of the things you bought are actually high FODMAP. Like the soya yoghurts, the hot cross buns (raisins) and I think that the Tesco 'free from' bread also has apple extract in it. You may already know this and have discovered your triggers but yeah, just thought i'd mention it. Good luck with your IBS journey.

  • you should look up lectin diet.  LECTIN.  it is in things like tomatoes and beans grains etc.  my thought is you will get rid of bloat if you research a lectin free diet.  you look amazing and mebbe the removal of foods high in lectins you will see a major improvement in bowel issues.

  • what probiotic do you take?

  • green tea really helps with bloating! 🍵

  • What kind of symptoms do you have? Thanks for this video!

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