Ask The Trainer- Eating 800 calories a day and not losing weight?

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  • Can I maintain my weight after a crash diet?

  • Can you link to a study which states that your body drastically slows down your metabolism?

  • This is complete bullshit people. The person that claims he can't lose weight on an 800 calorie diet is either 1. Lying 2. Have no idea that he's actually eating a lot more, or 3. He's done it for only three days and drank a truckload more water and decided it doesn't work.

    It's very simple. We can't break physical laws. People may think they're unique, but they're not special they can break physical laws. If you consume fewer calories than your BMR, you are guaranteed to lose weight regardless of how shitty your metabolism may be. And even a severely anorexic person would lose weight on an 800 calorie/day diet.

  • I ate exactly 800 calories a day for 6 months (on and off, not in a row) and I achieved my goal weight then I started eating more calories and kept all the weight off 10 months later. In total I lost 60 pounds. Today I eat a limit of 1200 calories. The trick is to not return to eating like a cow after you're done restricting. My breasts and thighs practically disappeared which I don't mind but actually prefer. The only regret I have is I would faint pretty often (stupid me forgot to stay hydrated along the way) and my hair has thinned so much that I lost my once lush, curly hair. I was freaked out that I was missing my period but now 10 months later it's back to the way it was, thank god I didn't permanently fuck up my fertility. Oh well. Overall I say it was worth it for me to now be able to walk into a clothing store and ask, "do you have this in an extra small?"

  • My bmr is less than 1200 what should I do

  • I’m doing highschool weightlifting to stay in my 129 lb class and I do cheer and weightlifting every day for practice cheer is 3 hours then weightlifting is 2 however many calories I burn there and I consume 500-750 per day and use water to stay full while taking water pills

  • Guys of ur overweight just go for it eat 800 calorie …lost 59 pounds in 5 months …that's it …be patient guy…and remember it's a lifestyle not a diet at all ….when u lose the weight…ur gonna eat more then 800 maybe like 1700 or more so u won't be skinny،، depends on ur goal

  • 1320 lol

  • I eat 800 and less calories a day.

  • i usually eat 1100 callries. i ate 800 calories today but didn't felt hungry at any time. i am vegan, i cook my own food and make sure to be as healthy as possible (like no sugar or flour). i am also trying to consume more fiber as well. is that a healthy way of losing weight?

  • I eat ALL day but cooked vieggies, raw veggis, (eggs and meat very little just so I bring in some protein in me) But when I sum it all up it ends up at 700cal a day the most, so I am eating trough out the day and am not hungry and I feel good, I also work out quite a bit and feel good, and I am not gaining weight…

  • What happens if you exercise while doing an 800cal diet then, do you not lose weight then? Not planning on doing it love food to much😂 but was just wondering

  • 1900 calories

  • i am eating 1100-1200 cals a day

  • My problems the opposite I only loose weight if I go on a restrictive diet if I eat over 1200 I put on weight very quickly

  • ok if you eat 5 to 6 small meals ( good meals) a day your body's metabolism will be active more. regardless if you eat 500,800, or 1200 Cal's a day. this whole notion of men must eat around 2000-2500 Cal's and women eating around 1800-2100 Cal's day is simply bullshit. if you are 40 ilbs, 30 ilbs or even 20 ilbs over weight and you want to lose weight then you must eat fewer calories a day then the amount you eat now. the so called fat in are body is stored Cal's. an it's stored there for a reason. that reason being so that if the person who is (x amount) overweight eats less Cal's a day then the body will contact break down the stored Cal's for engery. even 1000's of year of ago only the rich ate almost up to 1700 Cal's a day. the everyday person at less about 800-900 a day. the only thing people ate that had cals were bread ( homemade , that most took a day or a day in a half to fully cook) meat ( wild game like rabbits, deers, and they were every few days because the men would had to go hunt for them which mean they would sometimes walk miles even days to find meat for there family.) and some veggies and grain ( oats,rice and potatoes that would only grow in season) they mostly eat fruit , nuts, and fish all that had low Cal's but they eat 5-6 times a day. so to say if you go less then 1200 Cal's a day is stupid and it could hurt your body . no it can't. because the human body is made to use the Cal's that we have stored.

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  • super helpful, thank you loosing weight is difficult. I lost 7 pounds with eating 1200 and I'm becoming impatient so I tried 800 and it was horrible. I felt dizzy. thanks for the video.

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