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    Love you, guys. ♥

  • please don't support Amber, anymore….

  • I do want to support her but I'm tired of seeing her adding more to her BOUNTY OF FLESH, hope things get okay 🐉

  • Just how delusional a person can be?

  • 3:05 I bet that’s what she tells Becky and her roommates I’m an adult and I can do what I want that’s why they bring her the food she wants because they are over it . Amber is to lazy to put the work into it to loose weight # just saying

  • 🤮

  • 90×4.5=405 calories aka 2 of my meals

  • She has a lot of nerve to turn up her snout about the advise her viewers give her regarding what she should not eat. Wasn’t she the one who said she was starting these vlogs as a serious attempt to lose weight when she was 250 lbs lighter? That she wanted to share her journey by posting it on YouTube?

    I said before, I’ll say again: she never had any intention of losing weight. All that drama about weigh ins, depression, pain, etc. was simply an elaborate con to failure to please her feeders who are, of course, delighted to see her “fail” lose weight. They’re the ones who watch her no matter what and support her no matter what.

    In another 5 years, when her body really starts breaking down, she’ll regret it and all those people who “care” so much about will be responsible for contributing to her slow self-destruction.

    Sorry for the rant, but I’m twice her age and started from the same point she did 3 yrs ago and have gone from 300 lbs. to 150 lbs. and still losing. If you truly want to do something you just do it.

    After all, talk is cheap.

  • i watch these snippets to remind myself what making excuses look like, everytime i think of stopping my health journey evEN though its extreme, if i keep making excuses ill act (and maybe become) more like her…. ALSO SHE MADE HER CHANNEL AS A WEIGHT LOSS CHANNEL I CANT LOL.

  • Refusing to believe she has 15 meals a week her portions could feed a whole family

  • Isn’t it obvious that you shouldn’t do mukbangs when you’re trying to lose weight? How entitled is she to even ask obese to beast why he didn’t tell her that? Like hello you’re not the center of the universe amberlynn

  • lmao it's so annoying to watch her talk about counting her calories and MAKING EXCUSES days later about how she's sad and couldn't continue, and how she's doing these live weigh-ins

  • How can people eat fish or seafood? 🐟 🐌🐠🐡🍤😷

  • your viewers kind of are your bosses al. sorry. that’s just how it is.

  • If you want to lose weight you are eating way to big of a meal.

  • Why doesn’t she film a yummy healthy muckbang? Maybe some salmon with broccoli and cherry tomatoes with some lemonade

  • I never watched a video of hers nor follow any of these “diets” that she has attempted for like 2 hours. :/ i mean MukBang is about so much more than eating alot of food.

  • she doesn’t have a mom, boss, dad or Doctor🤷🏻‍♀️😬

  • you can do mukbangs all of the time and still be thin, look at people like Zach Choi. but if you don't even try to walk outside for 20 minutes, you got a problem.

  • Do the math? You’re tal king about arithmetic
    When I was at school I had lessons in arithmetic which was adding, subtracting, fractions and so on. I had maths where I was taught algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

  • How is she gonna get upset with people talking about her weight when her channel is supposed to be a weight lost journey channel??? Wtf where’s the logic with that smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • I hate when she lies because it's sooooo obvious. She gets all breathy and condescending.

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