a conversation about body image and weight loss with carrie dayton

A conversation with Carrie Dayton, Sierra Schultzzie, and Skylar about losing weight, body positivity and diet culture. We discuss whether you can be body positive and still want to lose weight, facetune and photoshop on social media, and hate and body shaming online.

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Comments 43

  • What do you guys think of these more long form conversations?? I hope you enjoyed the video!

  • I was out having a good time with my hubby and we were dancing, some girl got my attention and said your fat and your husband is a (explicit) and then stormed off. I was celebrating. I had lost 25 lbs I was so happy with my body and then that happened. It made me spiral. My husband wanted to find her and I dont know what but it still makes me tear up everytime I think about it. I dont let people take pictures of me dancing. If they do I ask them to delete it because of that time. I'm trying to get better but it still hurts that people can do that.

  • One thing I always realized even with people bigger than me is that I’d always compliment them, even if it wasn’t their weight I’d find sooooo many positive things to tell them. Yet once it came to myself all I could say was one negative thing like “well my thighs are too big” “well I have a bit of a stomach” and what really made me want to start being more positive towards myself was the question “why do I have such high standards for myself but no one else? Why is it okay for her to be this weight but not me?”

  • My issue is with my medical condition, losing weight is the best way for me to possibly have a baby naturally. However my condition makes dropping weight very hard so watching you guys have helped me be more comfortable with my body.

  • As someone who’s struggled with their weight and relationship with food for a while I LOATHE seeing diet videos and for my own mental health I’ve had to just delete certain people from insta and not watch certain videos because they make me feel like complete crap.

  • Wait I had to pause this video because I have a fucking STORY TO TELL about what you said at 21:00. SO I was literally 85 pounds, 5’4 1/2 (yes the half counts) and I was DEEP in anorexia by this point. I was at kohl’s with my mom shopping for clothes that somewhat fit me because I was going into the hospital for inpatient treatment the next day, and SOME RANDOM FUCKING LADY comes up to me and goes “wow you have an amazing body. That’s the body my daughter has always wanted. Good for you” and I literally was so shook I couldn’t even say thank you. Talk about positive reinforcement for literally eating 50 calories a day for a month. Like seriously you NEVER know how people achieve they’re bodies so everyone should just shut the fuck up and mind their own damn business okay story complete.

  • I love this message

  • The comments about the diet culture are seriously SO important. My mom still struggles to love her own body and she has always been fabulous to me. I have went on crash diets so I could almost “fit” in. It’s so sad how a lot of grew up thinking that being skinny was more important then being happy.

  • Love this video!! Y’all are so inspiring and keep shining your light 💛

  • You could get your diet and fitness together quickly. Use MyFitnessPal and workout regularly.

  • Please tell Carrie to self tan her hands as well! She looks like she’s wearing white gloves and people know at once that her tan is not real, lol…😆

  • body positivity is a great thing but how does this differ from heavy makeup like sierra has on or a fake (orange) tan like carrie has? where is the line drawn?

  • Listening to this on my way to work actually sobbing. As someone who has struggled with her weight for her entire life and fluctuated from a size 0 to a 16 back and fourth several times, this conversation hit me hard (in a positive way). Thank you for making this and please make more ❤️

  • Hey you guys!
    I really very much appreciate how you said "Body positivity is for everyone". I NEVER talk to anyone about my body issues, because I am scared that people will just say that I'm fishing for compliments or trying to put others down, since I have a very "average" weight (I don't know how else to put it).
    So thank you very much for that and for all the other very true things!!! I sat here watching your video and was like "YES!!! Finally!!! (: "
    Another thing that I am very sad about – concerning body positivity – is, that health (and I don't mean "health", but actual health) is often not even in the discussion. I call it personal health, I don't know if that's a thing, but I guess it describes what I mean the best: For everyone there is a certain point of body weight that somehow strains their body/ puts them at risk of something!! BUT that point is different for every person!! You CANNOT generalize that. Some people are for example more prone to develop arthritis, which means that if their weight is "too LOW", they fasten the process and end up suffering from the consequences at a very early age! Then again, someone else might weigh exactly the same without developing arthritis… The same goes for higher weights. For example at one point (that can be at 200 pounds or 300 pounds or whatever – as I said, it's a personal tendency) people strain their heart because of their weight. But not every person who by definition is classified as "overweight" has heart problems and needs to lose weight! That's complete bullshit. Same goes for our mind: weight is not directly connected with body issues! Everyone can develop them – there are so many factors that play a big role. And I don't get why people don't focus on that more often.
    Please aim for the PERSONAL HEALTH of your MIND AND YOUR BODY!!!

  • This was so healing for me. Currently doing a no negative self talk month! It is so hard so this was very uplifting!!

  • but the reality is having a healthy body fat percentage is generally more attractive, its how we are biologically wired 9with exceptions), it certainly can lead to more success, and will cause people to treat you different (positively), i dont think theres anything wrong with loving who you are now, and the body you're in now but because of that love want to improve to look better. i'm currently obese and i dont hate my body but 'd like to imprve the way i look because i do love myself and would like to improve my life.that is living your best life

  • I Ditched My Diet forever and have total Food Freedom now. 6 months binge and diet free. 💪 Thank you for your inspiration. 🤩💚👏🏻

  • I think this is an interesting idea, hut so self-driven and self-involved. Like, when Skylar admitted to experiencing comments about her weight during her eating disorder you guys didn't ask her about it or really acknowledge it, you just kept talking about your own thoughts and ideas. It was pretty problematic and I honestly stopped watching at that point. Your opinion and thoughts are not the only ones that matter. If someone has experienced something your hypothesizing about you may want to take the time to actually listen to them.

  • I love Skylar!!!!! I'd love to see her in more main channel vids

  • Love this conversation! I thought Sierra's comments on the fact that she's freed herself from the constant negative conversation with yourself and guilt and that other people who comment on it don't make you feel bad towards yourself but for their own body positive journey is so so POWERFUL! I also agree with the comments that a podcast with the 3 of you would be amazing! YES ON MORE SKYLAR TOO!!

  • I love the subtle change you've made in your main channel videos going from saying "Love your curves" to "Love your body." Such a great shift and super encouraging! 🙂

  • Loved this video and sent it to my mom! You guys probably don’t know this and it absolutely has nothing to do with you but the ads they play on YouTube are about weight loss and stuff like that. Especially on your videos because of the fan base you guys have. They know their audience for the ads but they are totally showing ads contradicting your message by playing these ads between the videos…just thought you guys should know. Not that you need to do anything about it but I just wanted to make you aware. You guys make my journey to self acceptance less lonely and so much more inspired

  • Kinda mean to not mention Skylar in the Titel and Intro 😅

  • when you where describing bad reasons to lose wieght those were literally all my reasons.

  • Thank you all so much for making this video. I recently lost 60lbs and I’m at my goal weight and I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. I just came to terms with the fact that my stomach will never be the “conventional” pretty though and it was really hard and really important. I never would have thought my goal weight would look like this but I’m also so happy and so proud and I know I’ll fluctuate from here and that is ok! So thank you guys for making this!

  • Wow loveddddd this so much. Thank you for posting this. You all speak so intelligently and thoughtfully. It's beautiful. We need more!!

  • Carrie's hands are so pale but her arms are tan af.

  • This was so interesting I could have listened to you talk for much longer. I heard Tyra Banks say that when she was at her lowest point emotionally and lost a bunch of weight she had the industry calling her for pics and runway and she barely had the strength to get out of bed. I think there is also a real subsection of people out there of all ages who should tell themselves daily to 'Be just as kind to yourself as you are to others' because if you are not getting that kindness back it can lead to resentment in some cases. This was such a good line.

  • For me I bought my wedding dress and then kinda didn’t watch what I ate for a while and I tried it on and it didn’t freakin zip. So YEP I’m losing weight for my wedding but more so in a … “this made me get my shit together” kind of way. Like it made me realize my habits were slipping and I needed to get back to eating healthy foods and stop eating crap everyday. I want to feel confident and pretty and COMFORTABLE in my dress and it’s literally the only time I’ll ever lose weight for a thing specifically!

  • I think there needs to be more videos like this!!! You girls are helping me on my body positivity journey and I cant thank you enough!!

    Side note I honestly can't believe people think it's ok to make mean comments like that.. it makes me sad.. we should be more supportive!!

  • This was amazing!! Please do more sit down videos and discuss topics like this!! Love you ❤️❤️

  • All of you are SO beautiful! Thank y'all for being so positive & honest! I spent my entire adult life a size 4/6 until last year when I became a 10/12. I was angry & cruel to myself but then I started focusing on being healthy. I discovered you guys videos & learned how to embrace my body & dress confidently. I have tried alot of new styles & gotten very positive feedback from friends & most importantly can see the beauty in me again. I'm so glad I found you girls, you feel like old friends!

  • OMG PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE… listen To me 😊You Guys are so beautiful inside out, So cute and very talented… Please please always remember that 😊😊😊

  • Don

  • 22:42 uhh so before and after of people losing weight and telling their experiences of feeling bad being overweight are wrong, but before and afters of previously fit people, that where unhappy like that, and then gaining weight are okay? Sounds like hipocrisy to me.

  • Carrie! Where’d you get your shirt?

  • I think that skylar (as well as all of you) is beautiful

  • I felt this on a spiritual level

  • Thank you all so much! This is great.

  • yes, the being an actor comment is so true. felt that

  • Everyone should have a tribe of women like you!!

  • I just wanted to say how amazing you ladies are. I have been on my own self love journey for a while now and have had plenty of ups and downs. I love how body positive you girls are and how you keep things so real. I am so sorry to hear about haters in your comments, but just remember that you ladies are truly wonderful and help encourage so many people including me!

  • I’m trying to lose weight to go to Florida, but that’s only a part of what I’m doing. Even when I go to Florida, I’m still going to be working out for the long run. I want to be healthy and look healthy, but I want to do it for florida as well, and I don’t see anything wrong with that. I don’t think that losing weight for an event is necessarily a bad thing, especially if they r doing it in a healthy way.

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