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  • The Rogue Echo Bike- https://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-echo-bike/?a_aid=599c9935cd23a

  • Just wanted to say I can't watch this video cause either my phone sucks fucking ballsack or YouTube's platform does but it's okay I guess I just won't watch fucking bitch

  • Just to mess with people Brian should go on biggest loser

  • next TV: Cooking with Brian Shaw 🙂🙂🙂 I would watch it.

  • I was cutting a few years ago,then I decided to bulk. Whoops, been bulking 5 years now lol

  • Why the starchy white rice? It's like eating white bread. Why not sweet potatoes or Quinoa?

  • Meanwhile me trying to get below 200

  • Dried apricots have a heck of al lot of potassium great snack.

  • Get a Withings Body+ digital scale. It'll measure a bunch of things in addition to weight (but supposedly the max is 396 pounds)

  • I really want to start lossing weight and gaining muscle but don’t know how to do my portions of food or what to put in my diet I want to get tips on how to do that but don’t know where to get them😂 btw I’m 5’8 210 but don’t even look that big😂

  • There is a misconception with most power lifters and strong men that you have to be fat to be that strong. It simply isn't true. A fat body does not make you stronger then a lean body. Hamburger meat has tons of fat. Red meat has a lot of fat. It is not necessary to eat higher fat meat. That is nonsense. Only meats like chicken breast, tuna has super low fat content that may be too low for power lifting. Obviously you need all the calories your body wants by loading carbs and fat to make the long lifts, but huge bellies from tons of fast food, milk shakes, cheese cake does absolutely nothing to make you a stronger man. It may actually weaken you due to the sugar low. Your body needs balanced nutrition, protein, carbs, vitamins, and rest to heal and build, and of course steroids to be to this level. This is fact.

  • Brian does look like he lost some weight. Good work! 8 seconds on the bike and he is out of breath after he got off the bike. There is 2 parts to health that's for sure. Cardio should offer an edge for power lifting. God bless you and your family Brian. Thank you for the clean videos no profanity.

  • I want to buy this bike so bad I used it the other day at the Supplement superstore customer appreciation and I hated the bike but in a good way theres no bull shitting with this equipment

  • Hey Brian, first off thank you for being an inspiration and a teacher in the gym! Secondly, I recommend weighing in with NO shoes on. I went on a weight loss adventure too and I dropped 60 lbs in 7-8 months and never wore shoes when I stepped on the scale! Wearing shoes on a scale could add a pound or two to your number. Give it a shot! Thank you Brian, Good luck!

  • Man I admire how humble you are.
    You are truly an inspiration.
    Thank you!

  • That being said if he wanted to he could lean down and be more built for cardio. He would probably find he would be as competitive as any triathlete if he got down to say 200lbs. His heart has become very strong in having to carry that huge mass. A lot of bodybuilders find they hate bulking in terms of always being out of breath and not being able to run for long distances. Even dropping 30lbs they find a massive increase in agility and speed. I think he could drop to 200lbs no problem maybe even do Cross fit.

  • Be nice to be that hench for the day and work as a bouncer but I think overall I prefer to be more agile and athletic

  • I'm not exactly a strongman nor super dedicated dietitian. But try banana juice instead of OJ the shake you made doesn't seem to have a very high potassium level.

  • Brian, Eddie & Robert should make a video where they weigh themselves before and after taking shits to see who drops the biggest dumps.

  • What is your weight goal? What kind of event are you losing the weight for?

  • Lift 1 million pounds in one day!

    Brian lifts…..eddie eats
    Eddie lifts…..brian eats

  • Get out and ride, you'll love it.

  • Why do cycling machine when you can just break it…

  • Wow i saw the video and i decided that i'm starting a diet.
    i'm writing to you after three weeks from the beginning and i've already lost half a pound thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Brian do you plan on becoming lean after you retire from strongman?

  • Here is a challenge for you Bryan when you all out of breath can you say 20 times fast CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit lol.

  • B lift the saddle a little for healthy knees! Big hug Hero!

  • more muscle in tricep than i got in legs and im been walking whole life -_-

  • ahhhh…. the Devil's tricycle – awesome piece of equipment

  • Brian refuses to say “lose weight”lol.

  • I eat rice with every food I eat & because I'm asian

  • Hey Brian, can i ask why do you consistently eat white rice versus brown rice/quinoa?

  • He should smoke weed. Make eating that much easier and less boring.

  • That poor bike.

  • How does the seat feel on the ass? That's super important to me.

  • Shaw : weigh out the wice
    Camerman : it's rice
    Shaw : No, it wice
    Cameraman : okay, sorry.

  • Кто русский

  • sana insan diyenin bn ak

  • Froshen?

  • Türk Olmak Zordur Dünya İle Savaşırsın,Türk Olmamak Daha Zordur Bir Türk İle Savaşırsın!

  • Brian now that you have had this bike for a few days, does it seem to be holding up under your usage? I am looking to buy on myself but am between this and the Air Assault. Any advice would be great!


  • Я думал, это Вирастюк.

  • Выглядишь очень внушительно. Следишь за диетой это правильно. Завидую в чем то тебе.

  • Hello Mr. Shaw, this spinach is too much – it contains a lot of oxalic acid and this is bad for your health – especially HEART and KNIDNEYS. You really sould not drink it every day, not every month even. Imagine how agriculture was in the old days: These plants were not avaiblable all the time and not in these quantities. Your body is already struggling with a lot of weight, all the proteins (kidneys) and now you gonna add this oxalic acid… Please think about it. Best regards from the Palatinate.

  • Fat hog. Stop eating, share your food with the African children.

  • I like how the title is 400+ instead of 420 xD

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