3 More Ways to Achieve Fast Natural Weight Loss Without Dieting

Can you lose weight without going on a diet? In an earlier article, I shared three tips on how you can drop excess pounds even without a strict dietary regimen. The trick is not to eat less, it’s to eat smart. Here are three more tips for achieving fast natural weight loss even without dieting.

1. Eat Enough, Frequently Enough – One of the worst possible ways to try slimming down is to skip meals. Sadly, many dieters think meal-skipping is an excellent method for cutting calories. So, they skip as many meals as their bodies can let them get away with, only to discover in the end that they have not lose weight.

The truth is, if you’re after fast natural weight loss, you need to eat. And, if you’re bigger than most, then you need to eat regularly even more. If you don’t eat regularly, it’s most likely you will overeat at some point or worse, binge the moment you finally eat. Moreover, if you skip meals, your body goes into starvation mode, causing you to keep — or even gain — instead of losing excess pounds!

2. Drink Water – Yes, drink water — and plenty of it! Water helps the body chuck off the excess pounds in more ways than one. For instance, if you’ve always worried over your “water weight”, drinking more glasses of water can reduce bloating. If you drink soda heavily, replacing those high-cal beverages will cut tons of calories. And, if you feel hungry, try drinking water first. Sometimes, we mistake thirst for hunger — and this makes us overeat.

3. Move – What’s more important than losing the weight? Keeping it off, that’s what —- and you can’t accomplish this without regular exercise. Start by walking briskly or riding your bike for a few minutes around the block. Do this for 10 minutes three to five times a day, at the start, and then work your way up to 40 minutes, at the most. Exercise boosts metabolism, helping you lose weight quicker. Plus, you reap many health benefits on top of fast natural weight loss!

Incorporating these three changes into your busy life may seem a lot like drudgery — but it’s invaluable in your campaign to lose weight. Try them!

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