3 DAY JUICE CLEANSE (for detoxing and weight loss)

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IF YALL ARE NEW TO MY CHANNEL | My sister and I have a cold pressed JUICE business @jkjuices and we document the journey here on YouTube. We operated out of a FOOD TRUCK for the first five years and now we are OPENING A STOREFRONT! Follow along as we serve Northwest Ohio with locally sourced, organic, cold pressed juice! #coldpressedjuice #juicecleanse

CELERY JUICE CHALLENGE FOR ACNE (cold pressed juice) https://youtu.be/xphelfGxIfo




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  • Seriously thinking of taking a 5 hour round trip road trip just to support you! I love the videos, keep them coming!!

  • since I live too far to purchase the cleanse….might I be able to get a few recipes to make on my caymel and aicok juicers? May I email or dm you miss Lauren? hugs

  • love you ladies to life!!

  • So I'm curious… On the x1 mini, what would be the time frame estimate to do the 40 orders of the 6 juice cleanse(240 bottles total)?

  • How to Make Creamy Oat Milk Like Oatly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zXQufqSZC0&feature=em-uploademail

  • I don’t even know you ladies, but am so proud of you!
    Seeing your older videos from the juicing truck and now with your own big business.
    You all are true inspirations. really. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    Have you ever thought about connecting with raw juice businesses like yourselves that are around the U.S.A?
    Start a list/group and that way we lay people out here can find places near us and also for when we travel.
    I really want a juice store near me just like you all!

    When at whole foods and i need a fast pick me up i drink this https://rebbl.co/products/banana-nut/
    (our WF stopped making raw juices and smoothies after over 30 yrs of doing so! thanks jeff😡)
    I want to try to make this at home so i can have it RAW and ALIVE!
    It is SO tasty….but i’m sad that it’s hhp. (better than fast food though lol)
    Probably too many ingredients for you to make for on hand protein drinks, but maybe for special orders???
    (Where can i find the organic ashwagandha extract??) 🧐

  • You really have fun!!!
    Cool video….

  • Are juice cleanses and detox’s okay for someone who doesn’t have a thyroid and takes levothyroxine? Or should I ask my endocrinologist about that lol

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