13 Weird Diet Tips Medically Proven to Lose Weight – From Laughing to Poking Yourself With a Needle

Here are 13 really weird diet tips that have been proven to lose weight. Many of these are very easy to apply and don't take much effort at all.

1. To determine how many calories you need to eat, multiply your lean body weight by your lean body weight is calculated based on your weight minus body fat. You can ball park this on your own.

2. Acupuncture suppresses appetite and have found people have lost an extra 10 pounds of fat during three months. So poking yourself is helpful in more ways than one.

3. Cinnamon is a fat burner. Add a 1/2 teaspoon a day and you can lose up to 2 pounds a month. Sprinkle it on fruit, toast with peanut butter, or any other favorite food.

4. Don't eat lunch at your desk and you'll eat 250 calories less than those who work through their lunch. Practice mindful eating.

5. Laughing will burn 280 calories in 15 minutes. So watch funny YouTube videos and lose weight.

6. Carrot juice is another fat burner. Drink a glass a day and it will help you lose 4 pounds in 12 weeks. The reason? It's high in fiber.

7. Popping calcium pills will make you lose 2.6 percent more fat that those who don't pop. Plus it will keep away the colds and is protective against additives in your food.

8. Listen to high tempo, fast paced music, it increases your energy and prevents fatigue. Oh, and it burns the calories. So crank it up.

9. Get strong with red meat; muscle burns four times as many calories than fat. Red meat is full of protein which is needed to build a lean physique. WIth more muscle you will burn more fat sitting around playing video games than those who aren't as strong.

10. Exercise at the time of sunrise will get you to drop more weight faster than any other time of the day. It forces the body to tap into your fat storage for fuel. Exercising later in the day uses energy from what you have just ate.

11. Eating red peppers have a chemical that will crank up your metabolism by a whopping 25 percent. Spicy is a way to get hot.

12. Kill the stress. Stress is one of the leading causes of overeating. Pause, breathe, and carry on.

13. Don't go alone. Train with a partner or friend and your likely to lose third more weight than you can on your own. Why? Humans are social creatures and is a powerful motivator. This also will force you to go in and train since there is peer influence.

If you can combine all these into your day, it will add up to a significant amount. These are little tricks that nobody ever tells you about to lose weight quickly.

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