100 LB WEIGHT LOSS Transformation [Why I Eat This Way]


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—–About this Video ——
I lost 100 LBS in 1 year by CHANGING THE WAY I EAT – I did not exercise at all. In this video, I talk about my crazy restrictive diet and why I feel amazing eating this way – I go into the science of why this is the best way to eat for human health, and how making these dietary changes can help prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

Below is a link to my WEIGHT LOSS TRANSFORMATION Video with lots of before and after footage and a good description of the changes that I experienced in my health, well-being, and weight when we started to take diet seriously:

To be honest about the timeline, in TOTAL it took me two years, BUT all of the ACTIVE weight loss happened in 1 year. I first lost 50 lbs in 6 months when I cut out meat and dairy and went VEGAN. Then I kept eating that way for 6 months but wasn’t losing more. So I changed my diet again and I lost ANOTHER 50 lbs in another 6 months when I cut out sugar and flour and adopted the TRUE whole food plant based lifestyle. So in total, all of the active weight loss occurred in two separate 6 month periods – one year total. It is EASY to stay fat as a vegan if you keep on eating sugar and flour. Finally, I eliminated caffeine, and eventually alcohol.

I didn’t exercise at all this entire time. In this video I discuss in detail all of the SCIENCE behind why this way of eating is best for both WEIGHT LOSS, but also for preventing cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and many other types of illnesses.

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  • Tem uma versão deste vídeo em português?

  • What's up with collecting toe nails?

  • Hi! One of your videos had a link to a PDF of your meal plan. I can’t find it! Which video is it posted under?

  • Do you eat oatmeal in the morning?

  • Dude, I just watched your video about your impression of Brazil and the culture. I speak English and Spanish and understand Portuguese. Anyway, I really enjoyed that video and then found that you havr videos on eating habits and diets and I became an instant fan. Keep up the good work.

  • "I don't even know what that is, but it sounds terrible." BaHaHaHa – Just as you said it, I was wondering WTF is that? Unicorn farts help you lose weight?! Who knew??? Glad I stumbled onto your channel. Keep up the good work!

  • Hey…you mentioned that eating a white potato is equal to white sugar….i thought potatoes are ok in their natural state, like a baked potato

  • Seus vídeos tem um conteúdo muito bom, mas alguns de seus irmãos brasileiros temos dificuldade de entender o inglês.

  • I started on the Esselstyn plan 17 months ago and feel great. I lost about 25 lbs and got down to a weight I hadn't seen since high school and have kept it off. All the weight came off without doing any exercise other than 10,000 steps of walking per day. I would only repeat someone else's comment that potatoes, as a whole food, are not unhealthy, they only become unhealthy when we add oil to them. Actually I don't think you mentioned oil, did you remove that too? I no longer use oil and don't miss it, although it does make eating out a lot harder because literally everything is covered with it at restaurants – salt too! The other thing I'd say is that I wouldn't tell someone necessarily to do this sort of thing slowly. I would say go at your own pace. Some, like myself, are all about drastic changes. I have a high tolerance for changing things in a big way at least for a month or two. I would suggest that for those who do have that kind of mindset, that the benefits they see in in that short amount of time will be so great, and the adjustment your taste buds go through, will make continuing pretty easy. For others, a more gradual approach is necessary, but as with most things, it varies by individual. To answer your question, atrial fibrillation is a potentially life-threatening disorder that involves heart rhythm. I don't have it but my mom does.

  • Unicorn farts 🦄 💨….literally had me laughing out loud 😂😂😂

  • ur so awesome

  • How can I stop caffeine?? It is very hard can you help plz
    I drink coffee like mad

  • Another great video. I was pescatarian for years, but when I gave up the sugar and flour, and started eating tons of vegetables (BLE), I suddenly really wanted meat again, especially chicken. I have 1 to 2 cups half caffeinated coffee per day. I am fine without the alcohol. Ugh, and I need to look at dairy. I’m 59, obese and have had two different cancers. I started Bright Line Eating in October and have shed 26 pounds so far. I have more than 100 to go. Your channel is very helpful and motivating. Thank you.

  • I learned about Bright Line Eating from one of your videos, and have contemplated doing it for like 2 months now! I’m desperate, but nervous that I won’t take it seriously because it’s so serious. Also I’m a 10 on the susceptibility scale lol, so basically I’ll talk myself out of anything! I love and can totally relate to the science behind it…. still afraid to jump in…. Thank you for all of your very helpful information, you are “goals” for sure!

  • Loved getting to see a little more of your silly personality come through in this video, Shannon! 🙂

  • Thanks! I needed to hear this. I am currently on the Daniel Fast and plan to continue. This is my 3rd year doing the 21 day fast, but this year I plan to stick closer to it then in the past. I am reading the book The DANIEL Cure. Thanks again and I will keep watching your videos. So is your current t diet considered a whole plant based diet? P.S I have converted to and tried so many recipes with oat flour, arrowroot flour ,etc that I dont even miss flour. 🙂

  • Thank you for sharing all of the studies about different foods and how they affect health.. what diseases are associated with them. When we look at these studies, the affect of certain foods appeard more glaring and can help us move in a better direction, diet wise, and do so more rapidly. Thanks.

  • Darn!! I could only find the second youngest unicorn! Lol!!

  • Girl. You lost me at coffee lol I just can't. Loved the rest of your video though <3

  • Ugghh almost cried learning about flour 😭😭😭😭 quesadillas are my JAMMMM… And burritos/tacos #allofthethings

  • You are truly living life on life's terms. Good for you!! I'm assuming you don't smoke or vape (tobacco or weed). If I'm wrong about that, can you tell us about why? Thanks!!

  • I totally agree with you about growing to love what you eat regularly. I celebrated my one year plant based anniversary last week. A year ago when I tried nutritional yeast I really thought it was gross. Throughout the year I used it once a week. Over the past month I have found that I use it several times a week and I find it delicious. It actually tastes cheesy although real cheese is what I miss the most. I am 38 lbs down. 12 more lbs to go although it is tough now that I have a normal BMI. I'm doing a weight loss challenge at work which is keeping me motivated.

  • Thanks for sharing! Awesome progress!

  • Great video! Do you take enzymes (Beano) to combat any gas from veggies? So many plants…cabbage, broccoli, beans, etc… make my stomach so uncomfortable. It prevents me from eating them on a regular basis. 😔

  • I agree with everything you said except for Sugar from fruit and Complex Carbs like potatoes. All carbs are made of sugar. The glycemic index is what matters most. There's a difference eating an entire bag of skittles vs having a banana, or an apple. Fruits contains large amounts of fiber which help regulate insulin since it acts like a time released capsule preventing diabetes and hypoglycemia.

  • Fala Português ….kkkkk Brasil

  • Thank You, for your video- I am on the same path to do the same- you explained things well & are a great example – Hugs ❤️

  • So you dont eat potatoes? What about those people who eat only potatoes and lose a lot of weight?

  • 🦄💨🏆👃🏻🤤

  • Could I bother someone to print and ship these studies to me please ? I do not own a computer or a printer and would love to have these for reference.

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